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15 Trained Elephants

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Uuivcrsally admittcd to bc the Largest Tcnted Exhibition in the World SIXTEENTH ANNUAL TOUR OF THE GREAT F08EPAÜCI SHOW nREDFRbMTHECANNlKMEl Will rovisit aud exhibil afternoon and cvcuing, at 4 OCTOBER 4 A MASTODONIC CONSOLIDATION OF 20 Distinct Exhibitions Owned by me during the past sixteen ycars, and now MASSED INTO ONE COLOSSAL CONFEDERATION, Keprescnting a Cash Investment of Two Million Dollars, all for a Single Holidav. Gigantic Menagerie and Circus. Stupendous Trained Wild Kast Show. The only exhibition that ever owned and introduced ÍN ADDITION Tü 1,500 IRaore TT:n_-ba,:m_ecL :MIo:n_s-be:r?s BIRDS, REPTILES, AND MARINE WONDERS, LEVIATHAN ' HIPPOPOTAMUS, MONSTER RHINOCEROS, TRAINED GIRAFFES, PERFORMING LIONS, TIGERS, BOVINES BISONS CARRIER PIGFONS DISCIPLINED MOOSE, GREAT TROUP OF TRAINED STALLION ' HORSES LEAPING THROUGH F1RE, LIVING WOKDBR8 FROM ' EVERYWHERE, INDIANS, KAFFIRS and HOTTENTOTS! THE LARGEST AND BEST SHOW UNDER THE SUN! G-rand Balloon Ascensions I Every Exhibition Day. -A_:r?to Ocean Sea Lions. Only Exhibition using the new and wonderful EDISOH ELECTRIC LIBHT, Requiring a 50-hoisc high pressure Engine to produce the same. Exhibits the Miracle of the Century, a A Human Mg Firefl From a Monster Guioi warrtTi"1!13?''1,01'' a"1' se-'pH .whirUR 'TOugh space and caught by a lady hanging head down jvard on the lofty trapeze This wonder-moving feat performed at each exhibition by Mons Loyal 100 FAMOXJS FOREIGN ACTORSíS! In the O reat Circus. Mammoth Tavilions liolding ten thousand spectators. The Entire Show transportedonmyownTlireeGreat Kailway Trains. Behold the monster Free for-All Street Procession. MPaviii'en SSfiíSS&S B h"Ml e " ■ -"1 S " f. -Excursión Tiains and reduced rates on all railroads on the day of rExhibition. See billa ordetaila ADAM FOREPAUCH 'Solo Prop.


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