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[Akron IJeaeon.] Our well-known felluiv citizen, Mr. E. Btelnbacber, one of Akron's oldest merchants and i.he leading druggist of t liis section, informcd the writer tliat witliout exception the sale of the Hamburg Drops was the most sak isfactury o! anything he had ever sold, and that the tinprecedented demand was iuc ' solelj to its merits. Such empliatic cxpreiuiis need no comment on uur part. - If any one deairee a plant which will blooni tlironjrh the winter, with no cessation, nothing will givr. greatersatisfaction than tho doublé pink petunia. [Boston Daüy Globe] Sicw Kntfluutl Personal Edwin A. Wadleigh, Esq., Clerk Superior Court, Boston, Mass., adds hls name to the Joyous army using and recoinmending St. Jacobs Oil. He certilies to a cure by the Great Germán Kemodyof neuralgia and rheumatic pains in hls family. 1 - "Wow Well bik! Stronc" Siiii'man, Iilinol. Dr. R. V. Piehce, Buffnlo. N. 1'.: Dear Mr-l wish to stilte that my daughter, aged eighteen, was pronouneod incurable and was fast failing. as the doctors thought, with consnmptlOD. I obtained a half dozen bott!cs of vuur DUcoyery for her and she commenced lmproving at once, and is no.v trell and strons;. ihe took the Disc.ivery last f all. Very truly jours, Hkv. Isaac N. Acoustis. i'unliili'ii!, KMlable. In writln" ol thir ' Warner's Safe Remedies," of which 11. H. Warner ft Co. are proprietors, the Kvening 1) spatcjk, York, ra., says: " We saj all tliU that is goodof them as we have .i pêrfefet falth in the effleiency of their preparations and nnbimnded f.iilh in tüe truth of all that is saiil gooi of them." The rpgubr Frazor Ax!eGrease eaves money for tlie eobsnmen The lhht colored or yellow loosens the spokes. NriiVOi'i. WOBN-ODT WOMEN, havlug peculiar ymptomg, should not fail to try Hunt's Remedy. Reddtno'S Hissia Salve. Iiest family salve In the world, and excellent for stable use. Wii.iioft's Fever and Arue Tonic. The old reliable reinedy DOW sells at one dollar. Tui! liumuii face is B ot beautiful when the blush is on the nose. An F.nglishman says thftt, to be perfect, an Irish giri sliould at ft' aya have a touch of tho broguc; It adds an addillonal pfquancy to her conversation. Why ana I Bad! 'i'he golden-rod Hlooms iti the rcapor8 track; Theantumn bree e s stveet although lt'.s a i n; n;i I In Jumo tbc o .ds were nol more inir, Thu 8ea was not more blue, Tho mountatna blendod in thu sky With no more loveiy line. Wto iirji I gadl An awful 'Ircnd Jiaunts mi: and wül d i down; l feai m summorlrl ill uicot My otncrtflrl in tovtn.-Grapltic. (króppuro a bnsy man un i hé street and takinic up ins time is simply hlghway róbbery. - Jv"! O. J'icaytute. "Clotiik me in dreanis," bejrins a recent poem. Later f rum the author : Postnone it on account of the wtatlier. - Chicago Timet. Wiiy is kissinii an unwillin Irish ;irl like aecending Mouut Vesuvlue! Bucaime it is hard work to get at Ule niniili of tlie cralur. '.'TEa," said Mr. Profuudity, "it is the tilent torces in nature that ure the most potent. It is the si:e:it strength of gravlty that liimls the iforid toetiier; it is the silent pöwerof üglït ves Ufe and heauty to all thius; it is tlie silent slream that is deepest; it is - " ''ltis the still BOW th;it . Qtfl the most, swill," Mrs. I'. put in, seein lier llege ord had icot ;. the end oí liis rope and siiniies. It was kind of her, but lt eomehów molled tlie ettect of liis dlssertation. - Bügton Transcript. Anï vender of oabbagea may congratúlate liiuiself upon having arrived at ihe dljjultyoi hend 8alesman. - JJotoit Atltn'tser. "Let's salve the bet thinc; you've got for a cut," said the boy to' the doctor. And the doctor gave hlm one with his whip. - Jlnukeye. _ What is the difference between a misrepreBentation and a factl Ouc is a perversión of fací, the othera version per fact. Forrh' Curx of Coughi. GoliK HoATMndV, Aslhma, Broncbttlt, Croup, [nflutnu, wtiooiiiniiCough.lnoipit'nt Cunsumptlün, Ac. PrtOe outy 5 ui;ius a uottlti. IT HAS BEEN TRIED BV THOUSIfDS SUCH AS YOU, WHO HAVE BEEN CURED! UNSOLICITËDEVIDENCE OF ITS MERITS ! The City Misslonniv of Boston ray bout ALl,i:SI,li BALSAU i "Th. r.-oTtainly can not be fuuml a hc;t4-r conffh or In uk nni'-ily. A an expectorant it lia no eqaaj. " Sold by uil DrugglsU, Bj GREAtTeRMAN ' 1 "„ 1" 'i í NEURALGIA, [liUlIiJIlj SCATICA, 11 II l!llliniim.....iiiilllll!!il! I LUMBAGO, piralííil BACKACHE, il'" # GOUT, )lliullllllLiljj SORENESS II Bil tliiailllKIIIU I CHEST, Ilillllfillll11"111"10"1111"1""! S0RE THR0RT' HillllllÜIIIÜIIÜII' j QUINSY, IlllIlM,,,,,,,. li SWELLINGS !!!!li.iu.„nm!ill!ll] FR0STED FEET II I Ptiiiuiin I ERDS i'iilillllüilllluüiniijllj BXJRNS lii!liPi!ii!l%l SCAIS' 1, Ji General Boöily Palns, IP in To01" )lll]i]j l'1 "l! i HEADACHE II mIUIU' (dij il in riTiirn niinic E li il' i nLLulllLII i Hl 11 ü llllálllljl AcEB. Pío rreparation oa earlli cénala Sr. .TAf'oM OlL as a BAH, grkK, siNn.F. nn-l rur.t' Kxternal Rcmcdv. A tri:. I bal the cinnpantirely trilling outlay oí WQim .1'1 T( r; onc sufferinít Tiith pain ran have ehup snd positivo prof &Í tsciamn. mRn-nosn M ei.ïtln UrtCKOL SOLO BV ALl MUQQISTS AND DEALERS IN MEDICINE. A. VOGELER & CO. . Ualtimore, 3Iil„ V. S. A. Rich. in Nourishment, ïïealta fe Strengtli. Do not ronfound this UatchlMi licnovator of FeebU and JOxhuustod ConfUtQtloiu with violent CAthnrtics, cho-ip dOootlonn of vilo dniK, and rum pus intnxicantü innocitntly labslecl "bittew. MALT BITTEBSappeal t' popalar oonfldtfDcs beoaan prapared f rom Uafei ment i Í M'tU. ƒ■■.. and CnïUayn, ml othcr preciom iucredipnt, -locordmg to Ibd procesa if I.ichit.', nd nr ricli in the element that rniitora to permanent hlt!i tlie Wottk, ConvaiMOTüt, ('onsumptivp, Orr-irotkw), Narróos. SUeplesa, Dytpeptlc, Bilmas, T' k ï la Appptite, and fir alt forms.oi Livor, Khíih-j , mul L'rinnry difticultios. Hwftri' of nu tnt mus. mil.iri.v iiniued. 'J'lio gemritu bonr tho COMPAN Y S STONATURE a bovp. S(]i everywhoro. MALT BtTTEHS COMPÁNY, Losxox. "èPJIRS. POTTS'i1" Colfl-ïïanflle Safl Iran. FOR SALE BY THE HARDWARE TRAPE. Fruit.WineandJellyPress For Seeding and Extracting Juica - FKOX ALLFBUETS AMO BERRIES. Eff-EYERY FAMILY REEDS O.E. _gj Seod for n Cutulntfiie, Fre. ENTERPRISE m C0„ Piiliiilphii. Pi, _FOR SALK Bï THE BABBWáBE TlíiOK. Í"CtÍRE'ísai Ia msuli' from a almp!1 Tropical Leaf ftnd Ib a 1'IIT1VK .rfmi'dy for EMU In ih" BudC Siv.ri' II ■ Jachos, Dlzzlncss, Inflarafd Eyeii IMoailnB, N Klit Swfats. Torpld I.lvrr. l'jilnful Urlnulloii. (iriivcl. and aM Dlaeuea f tli ■ Kfilnys, Llver or Urinury Oriin3. It la a safe and GOrLaiQ cilTp tot L-uicorrlti-a. Woinb Disoas;K and ail FcMilfl Complalnls. Aa a Bloud Puriner li II uncqualoil. for lt Mtn the orgon that mikr the bluod. Tb largcat bottls In th market, Pric, Sl.a. rursalobyJUriiccIstSiiiiil all 'laliT8. 11. II. W ItM'II .." CO., Kochostoi-, X. T. FOR CHILLS AND FEVER Jk.iai AJjIj DISJHÜlSJÜS CAV8BO ar Malaria! Poisoning OF THE BLOOD. A Warrantad Cure. Price, $1.00. IJT" KOK 8ALK BT ALL DltUÜOIST. UK% THREE OF THE BEST BOOKS FOR SINGSNG CLASSES. TIÏE TEMPLE. 1, or SO per dozen, liy Dr.. W. O. PERXTKt. Buch & full sizcd book as the abore has tbinadvantaca oyera sinaücr ono: AJttr jou havo been tlirough iti excellent olemcntary coursc, hnvo buikt its cheerful Sones and Ulooa, its hpintual Soiicrs, its Hymns, Tunes and Anthenjs, you üavo on hand a largo colloction which juut the thinff for ('lioii practit-c, and also for Home oincing. Dr. Perkins is nel) known as one of oor most kilful compilers. THE VOICE OF WORSHIP, SI or S& per dozen. By L. O. Emerson. Thifi book covers precisely tho samo eround at does the Tlmfi-F, and people wiU iio odo or tbe otheras they fancy the nmsic ortliextylo of this or tlioother excellent composer. Mr. Kmeifon's IkioJír aro known Ín eyery household nnd every nchoo!, and f iich new boik it Intendod to be an advanco over that ])reoedd it. JOHXSOX'8 MLTIIOJ FOR SINOIXO I.ASNKS. flO Cte..or Wï per dozen. By A. N. JOHNSON. No writer exccU thix one in the perfect and simplicity of hifl explanations and the thoroiiKhncssof of hi work. The tMb vho usen thin incthod needs tohaveinhis hand th CBEOttUI DHOIB InstrüCTIOH Book ($1.25), by tho amo aullior. Tho pafes correepond, and the largar bookgiveadírectíouafor tho use ot OUVERDITSON & CO.. LYON &. HEALY, BOSTOK. CH IC AG O . W. nllDRUONTOCItiniinialltown. Moick!mn I'i i-vMKHtV Co.. 54LakfSt., Chlcugo.


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