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Real Estate Transfers

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The followiug are the transfers of real estáte for the week onding Wedncsday, Oct 6: WABBAUTY DEEDS. Patrick Hoy to Mary Horrigan, lot 8, b 29 Dexter villaje, $800. Horace L Dulbee to J. V. Dulbee, 20 acres sec 14, Augusta, $400. J. G. Lapham to Geo. B. Sherwood, property in the villaje of Manchester $450. Clinton H. Felh to Elizabetk Allen, lots 1 and 4, "b" A. C. Torrey's addition village of Manchester, $650. F. M. Oakley to W. M. Culver, land in York $2,000. John Schncider to Geo. Schneider, property in Ann Arbor, $550. Frank L. Sayler et al to Sarah J. Wines, 120 acres sec 18, Lima, $6,425. John and OhnstianEschelbach to Jacob C. Eschelbach land in Freedom, $400. S. N. Merethew to David Weiland, land in Sharon, $170. Adam Geehringer to F. Balumeller land in sec 14, Freedom, $4,300. Thomas Taylor to E. A. Calkir-s, property in R. S. Smith's addition, Ann Arbor, $250. Edmund II. Ferris to Edith Rockwell, land in sec 13 Dexter, $250. Ii. P. Copeland to Wm. Warner and B. C. Whitaker, lot 15 b 35, Dexter, $100. Edwin Coy to Thos. Bagar, property in Dexter village, $600. Homer Minnis to Lois F. Minnis, property in Ann Arbor, $165. N . E. Crittendcn and G. McGraw to Lcvi Rogers, land in sec 7, Augusta, $4,Eliza C. Libbald to Jas. P. Bush, lots 9, 10, 50 and 51, b 5, according to the recordedplat of the village of Chelsea, $1,ö7o. Margarct A. Ely to Warren Day, lot 580 Norris' western addition, Ypsilanti, $100. QUIT-CLAIM DBÏ1DS. J. E. Rose to Phebe A. Rose, au undivided half interest 40 acres sec 32, Augusta $400. John Kern to Martin and Freierick Kern 80 acres sec 10, Scio, $1. Flora J. Preston to Henry H. Preston, 100 acres sec 23 and 26, Pittsfield, $1,090. F. C. Crittenden to S. R. Crrittendcn, 20 acres sec 9 Augusta, $300. F. L. Parker to Maria Dentón, 53 acres sec 25 Augusta, $130. Caroline McMillan to Thos. Morrison, lot 9 Huntet's addition, Ypsilanti, $800. Wm. A. Hiscock to D. A. Matthews, property in Ypsilanti, $2,000.