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Crazy To Be President

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Grant was President for eight years. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrevv Jaokson and severa! other statesmen and patriots held the office for a like period, but they did not seek it a third time. Washington, Jefferson and Jackson declined to allow their nanies to be used in connection with a third term, deelaring that it would be dangerous to the liberties of the country tor such a precedent to be established. As greatly as Washington, Jefl'erson and Jackson vvere esteenie├╝ by their countrvmen, they would have been execrated had they deliberately proposed to seek a third term in the White House. Grant thinks there ought to be an exception in his favor from the rule established by Washington and Jeflerson. He wanted to be reiiominated in 1876. He was disappointed then. He sought a renomination iu 1880 and was again disappointed. He seeks still to be President a third time, and if alive in 1884 he will sanction any and every expedient which his friends may use to effect that object. And this man says Hajicock is crazy to be President, and therefore ambitious, weak and vain! Did Hancock ever twaddle as Grant does in his Fowler interview, after his name had been before a Convention and another was nominated ? Grant told Fowler that he wanted to be President for three reasons: First, beoause of the character of the men who urged his nomination; secondly, because he believed he cotila break up the solid South; and thirdly, because he thought he had in a trip around the worid mastered the questions of eommerce and trade, and if made President could materiallj advance the interests of the country in a commercial sense. If Hancock, after he lias been President for eight years, will assign no better reasons for disreijarding the teachings of Washington iml Jefferson and overriding the unwritten law of the Republic by seeking a third term, then we will agree with Grant that he is crazy to be President, and ambitious, weak and vain! - N. Y. Sun. - ' The Republicana will iind that he Deniocrats will be there in November.


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