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An Exhortation To Unity

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The National Democratio Executive Committee met in New York on the 14th and issued the folio wing: To the Democratie and Conservativa Votera of tb Country: Theelectlon of President and Vleo-President is now beforeyou. Stute and local dissenaiona are eliroinated f rom the issue? of the duy. The magnitude of a vietory or a deleat can only be estimated by the forcea and incans employed in securing it. By f raud and oorruption the peoplo of the country wero defeuted in their purpose in 1878, and the ritfhtfully elected President was kept trom oBice. With the oombinetl capital of the ltepublicau party, aided by repeated assessmenta upon an army of holdera, with the power of the Federal (overnment represente'! by United States Marshals at tho polls, with intimidation, fraud and e. resort to every corrupt appliance known to Republieau methods, concentraled in two States, our advorsaries havo succeeded in procuring tho probable return of their local caudidatcs. Can it be possiblo that in every State throughout this broad land the gaine methods can be brought to bear that were used by the Kcp├╝blican managers In Indiana and Ohio? Can the great States of New York, New Jersey, Conneetieut, California, Colorado, Nevada and New Hampshire be bougat, intimidated and defrauded? Even without the vote of Indiana, which we believe will be redeemed in November, with New York, New Jersey and the States that are conceded to us, includiiijr Maine, the eleotion of our candidates Is asBured. The Hepublioan party have put in nomination for President and Viee-Prosideut two men who, by the adiriisslon of their own party and pres?, re unwoithy of your eonildonce and your suif rages. It is impossible thut lifty inillions of intelligent and patriotic people will consent to place themselves upon the humiliating level thus prepared for them by the Itepublican managers. Fellow-eitizens : The first day's repulso at Gettysburg ended on the third with Hanoock In the front, in aglorious victory. That victory secured us our Union. The question is not now the preservation of the Union, but of Constitutional Government. Hancock Is now, aa then, in the front. The repulse is now, as then, the omen of a victory Which will secure to coming generatious the Inestimable blesiings of civil libcrty. By order of the National Democratie mittee.


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