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A writer f rom Ypsilanti in the Post anc Tribune admita a decide.! democratie ma jority in this county, but adds that Ihe re publicans generally manage toget in sev eral nominees for county offices and thii time expect to secure the re-eleetiou o: tlieir county clerk, ns Mr. Duffy, he says, is unpopulai iu the western partofthe county We think this amistake. We areacquain ted with Mr. Duffy,. and deern it asimple impossibility for Uim to be in any degree impopular, where he is known, as he must be Trom hls busiuess relations, in the wes tern towns of the county. Several years ago such an attack was made by the (Jour ieronMr. D. thatmany persons whoonly knew of him from these representations had very erroneous ideas of him. Of this all that have formed his acquiantance havo been fully disabused. Air. Dulïy is a gentleman, and an honest man. As county superintendent of the poor, he lus received the entire approbation of severa successive boards of supervisors and beet repeatedly appointed in the face of the fiercest opposition from the Courier which has more than once attemplcd t read republican supervisors out of the the party forsupportinghim. Mauy years ago Mr. Duffy deenied it necessary in the business ol a genera grocery store to keep and sel', souie kinds of intoxicating liquors for the BC. commodation of hisenstomers. Personally, howevcr, lie wis very températe; and several years since, bef ore the "red ribbon,' excitement was thought of, he deteruiined to withdraw the influcuce of his example from the trade.closed out his stock, mid siuce has not kopt liquor lor sale. While not an ultra "lempeiauce mui," his example and precept is in favor of tempeiance. Doubtless, .n fact we know, that regard for his rising faraily, as well as tho welfare of hiscustomersaud frieuds led him to this course. And, speaking of Mr. D's. fainily, we will take the freedom to retnark, on the uuthority of Mr. Davis, ihe enumerator of that district, i hut he found no one in his beat that alïorded a botter model of good order, allectionate and religious culture; showing the resull of a good inolher, supported by the authority of a prudent and considérate father. We fear being deemed to take too much liberty with the private character of our caudidate, but as a proof of perfect sc-lf control we will mention, that though once a conflrmed and constant smoker, Mr. Dulïy began to suspect that the liabit was in j uring bil health aud he at once abutidoned il, and has not sinee taken a cigar betweeu lus Ups. A liberal supporter and strict adherent of his own chuich, he is not a bigot, in any degree, aud nothiug picases him any better thau tosco every pulpit iu the city well tilled, aud every chuich prosperous. We have writteu the above not from impressions acquired since his nomination, but from uu acquaintance formed purely by accident years ago, and continu ed by iniercourse at times ever since. Tüe only motive that is urged on deinocrats to slip over his name, is sympath3' for the preseut republican incumben. We thiuk that demócrata have fully met all such claims on them by uis previous election. We can't justnow remerber any instance where republicans liave elecled demócrata out of S3'mpathy. In our excellent couuty ticket, there is uo letter name (ban Mr. Dulïy, and as the Tribune's Ypsilanti corresspondent intiinated he was the only oue that the republicans had much expoctation of defeatiug. We thinkthc electioa of the whole ticket is prettywell assured. Mr. Duffy will attend to the business of the couuty well and Falthfulty, lioncstly, and ecouomically. There i no discount on hira. - YpriUudi Sentí nul. Let the people take courage. The day of deliveranoe is at hand. The year of jubilee has come. The little state of New Jersey promises to give 15,000 majorlty to our glorious Soldier Statesman - Gen. W. S. Hancock. The only money which most of republican shirt shaken lost during the war, was the money they paid for substituir. The democratie majorily in New York city under the Tammany and anti-Tammany consolidation will not fall short of 65,000 votes. Gco. Lewis, of Adrián, ;i;lik1 Master of the colored Grand Lodgc ol Michigan, speni yesterday in th: city. feVoters living in the township i Aun Arborean register their nanu s Salmday Oct. 30lh. Tlir luwnl wlll meel in Ed mvnd's shop on West lluron streel, and remato in scssion fromö . m. to " p. m. TheGcrnian Cornet Band would like to nform Hicir nutuerous friends that they Uuve latcly re-organizod, and wil] (urnisb miuic on all occa.-iuns for a iTasonablu price. Tlic li;iiiil al8o a how leader Win. Otto. Iluadquartcrs ui Chas. llacu-iscr's, 20 VVasíiinglon street.


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