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AMUSEMENTS. YPSILANÏÏ OPERA HOUSE. ONE NIGHT ONLY. SA.TURUAY OCTO1JER 231,1. THE LAST GRAND SUCCESS. ui. ( . Mitchell's Pleasure l':irty, In the New Musical Extravaganza, 'Our GoHins ORFUN ON THE RHIÑE IN GERMANY. "Our Gobllng" are the merriest spritos that erer vtutedoar etty.- Bventng Telegram, 'Our Goblins." at Haverly's Theatre, has proveda gfeát succeas. lt is pne of the brighti'st. wittii'st and clevcrest perfonn&nc68 of its kindeverglveD here.- New Torü ffWKtiig Pml. Scats for sale at Dodges'. 1 1 ILL'S Ol'KRA HOUSE. . . O, J. wiiiTNKY. Leme nn,l HtnagM GRBAT DRAMATIC E VENT! Engagement for ONE NIGHT ONLY Of the DistiiiKiiislu-d Tragedienne, MISS JANE C00MBS, -IIti her World renowned character JULI ET, In Shakespeare 's sublime Lotp IYagedy of "ROIEOiJULIET," As played by herover ONE THOUSAND NIGHTS, Supported by a powerful Dramatic Company. ONE NIGHT ONLY, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBKR s7th. BeouM your seats at Watts' Bros. Jewelry store four day in advance. Hill's Opera House, Monday, Oct. 25, THE GREAT COMEDIAN, (HAS. L. DA VIS, In His Celebrated Charactor Comedy, in 4 Acts, entitled Alvin Joslin' The Only True Represe ntative of the NEW ENGLANDiFARMER. Supported by a Full and Powerful Companj of Dramatic Celebrities. 180 Lnugbs in 180 Minutes. Qreatest Suecess of the Age. Funnivst Play ever Wituessed. 5 Ilours of Uproarious Fun. ADMISSION 25, 50 and 75 Cts. No extra charge for reserved seats now on sale at Wntts' Jewelry Store. LECALS. NOTICE TOELECTORS. To the electora of Washtenaw county. You are bereby notlfled tha the followiiic amendineut to the constitution of the stal1 will te voted upiMi il tho cimiing etoction on Tucsday the sec - oud day of Xovember uext: Rusoin't, by tin Senate and House of Repres. niiitivofi of the state of Michigan, that thefollowing aiiinulnu'ïit to the constitution of this state be, and the sanie is hereby provided to stand as section flfteen of article fourteen: Sec. 15. The legislatura shall have ixwer,upon sueh terms and conditions, and in sueh manneras it shafl doem power, to authorize the city of Detroit to aid in the construction and maintenance ofaraüroad bridge tunnei across the Detroit rivcr at or near said city, to an amount not exceeding om per ceotum of the assessed ralue of fche taxable property in suid cit'. EVERETT B, ('LAKK, Clerk for the County of Washtenaw. Chancery Sale. STATE OF MICHIGANVThe örcuit Court for County of Wasliti'naw, lnCMiancery. Fred BöSjmer, !nJiiiinisfi'at4)r sith tlie will annexed of Lhe estáte Of Wttliam ïf. J csimcr, dfoeased.cdinplalnant ra. üeorge Efnerand Marv Efner. defenilants. In pursuance and ly virtue of adeorce of said court iiiadc and entered in the above entitled oailSQ u the ldth day of Febuary, 1H80. Notice is ln-rciiv iven that 1 shall sell at public auction to the highest bidder ov Öaturday, the sixth day oí November A. D. 1880, at 10 o Vlotrk A. M., at Che dost fi-ont door oí' Oourl -house in the city ol Aun Axbor, Washtenaw Ooiioty, Michigan, the followingdeBOribed real estáte being the saine ni'iitioiicil and dflscribed in said de cree to-wit: .-i Dumberfifteen In block Qomber four, North of Huron street, range number three east in the city of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw county and state of Michigan. JAMES MoMAHON. Circuit Court Cominissioner, in and for Washtenaw County. LáWKBNd and Ebiehick, C.nuplainanL's solicitors. Real Estáte for Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, ss. In the Matter of the Estáte of Charles VVltitaker, Deoeased. Notice is hereby given, That, in pursuance of an order granted to the underalgnea adniinLstratrlx of the estáte of said deceased by the Hon. Jude of Probate for the County of Washtenaw, on the second day of October A. D. 1880, there uill hr sold at Public Vendue. to the highest bidder, al th east front door of the oourt-honse in the city of Aun Arbor in the county of Washtenaw in said State on Saturday the twentieth day of November A. u. 1880, at ten oVslock in the foreQoon of that da v (subject to all encumbrantes by mortgage or otlierwise existing at the time of thedeathof said deceased and subject to the riffht of dower of the widow of said deceased in said real estáte) the following descrlbed Kt-ai Eatate, to-wit: The south-west quarter of the south-east quarter 'f gection twenty, Town two, (2) south range tour (4) cast, and the west half of the north-east quarter oí aecUon nineteen, Town two, (2) south range four, (-1) east, (Lima) in said county. Dated OotoberSnd 1880. Laura Whitaker, Administratrix. Estáte of George Whitíng. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Cuunty of Washtenaw BS. - t ii session of the,probate court for the i-oiuityof Washtenaw, holden at theprobateof lite, in the city of Aun Arbor, on Öaturday, the Sd day of October, in the year one thousand cighthuudred and ejgnty.' Prpoont, Wüliam D. llarrirnan, Judgc of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Qeorge Whithitf, dOCODDOd, Harrison Q, Voorneis, executor of the last will and testament of said deceased, comes i uto court and representa that he is now prepared to ronder his final account as such executor. Thereupon il Isordered, that Saturday theSOth day of Öetober instant, at ten o'clock in the forenoou, beossigned for examiningandallowing suco account, and that the devisees, lesatees and heirs-at-law of said deceasetl, and alfother persons Intereeted in said estáte, arerequired to appearal a -ssi n of said court, then tobe holden ai the probate office, in the city of Ann Arbor, in said county,and show cause iíany there be, why the said account should not be allowed: And it is further ordered, that said executor ffive notice to the persons interested in said estáte, of the pendency of said aci-o tuit, anti the hearing causiug acopyof this order to be published in the Ann AkBOá Di:m(il'kat, a newspaper printed and circula Ing in said C'ounty. three successivc weeks previous to said day of hearing, ■ WILLJAM D. HARRIHAN. A tnu copy. Judge of l'robate. Wouah G. Doty, Probate Ree-ïster. Estato of James Coffield. OTATE OF MICHIGAN County of Washtenaw O ss. At a session of the Probate Court for the oiiniv ot7 Washtenaw, holden at the probate ofce in city of Anu Arbor, on Mondar, the lth day of October in the year one thousand ijilit. hundred and eighty. Present, WÜliam D, Harriman, judge of proate. In the matter of the estáte of Jamrs Joffleld, deoeased. On reading and niing the petitlon, duly verified f. Jlury Jane Cofiteltl , pruying that a certain nsirunuMit now on 111e Ín this court ptUportlng i be the last will and testament of said deeeased, My bE admittftl to probate, and that James H, iVinan, orsomeothrr suital)le pernon may ïe ppointedadministrator with the will annexed of ÉUö tate. Tlicreupon it is ordered, that Monday, tbe 8th av of Sovember nezt, at ten o'cIock in the )ivmiim. beasdgnedfor theheaitagof seid peition, aii-i thai bhe devisees. leratees and heirs-atlw of Hald deceased, and all other wrsons interStedinoAld cstatt', are required toappearata 38SÍOD of sail cD'irl, thi-n t0u6 holden at the proate office, i the t-ity of Ann Arbor, and uoir msiji any tln-r-c ln'.why the prayer of the imtioner snould not be flrrazttedi And it is further rdered. that said!petitloner glve ootloe to the nTsoiis interested m sald estáte, of the peadenoy if said petition, anti , the hearing thereof by raus i){ a COpy of tliis order to be pttbhnhed in uk Ann Arbob Dkmcm-hat, a newspaper printed iid oircuiated In said county, three successive eek8 piwious to said tlay of hearing, 11.L1A1I D. HARRIMAN, A true copy. . Jude tf Piobiitc, I Williau G. Doty. Probate Register. PHILIP WINECAR TUSTK'E OT THE FBACE, room No. 4, Opera tl House Kloek. Aun Arlxir, Michigan. h7r. hill ATTOKKEY AT LAW. office No. 8, Opera House Block. Aun Arbor. Michigan. CEO. A. BOY LAN, HOUSE, SIGN and Ornamental Painter. Shop under the Star dothing House. Orders left at 0. Boylaifs wül be promptly attendedto. DR. L. D. WHITE T RE ATS SUC'( "KSSFULLY all manner of chronic diseases. Dtaeaae of th lungs and throat a spt-Halty. Oíneehoiirs "rom r A. M. tof 1'. M. ofllce and residence No. 51 North Main St . .4nii Arbor, .... Michigan. Abraham Lincoln, TIIK IMPORTED THOROUGH BRED STALUON FRCNI KENTUCKY, Will make the season this fall at ANN ARBOR. For fui tlicr particulars cali on or ncklress Jacob Hoft'stetter, 34 South Main street, Ann Arbor, Michigan. C. H. MANLY'S, ABSTRACT OFFICE. No excuse for a man who Buys a Farm with a Bad Title, or No Titleat All. Requiretheman who would sell you his farm or would borrow money of you on a mortgace, to co to C. H. Manly's office, in Ann Arbor, and get a f ull and complete statement of all Ueeds, Mortgases Askíriiuu-hIs, li.lciiscs, Tax Titles, Attach menta Levies on Execution. Lis Pendens, Leases, &c, &c, that affect the title. .... .„ Your lands are becommg valuable, and it will soon be time to bring out these old claims for vou to settle. Five dollars paid for an abstract is a better Investment than fif ty dollars paid to defeud or correct a bad title. If you desire I will assist you in perfeetingyour title at a reasonable rate. I have all the facilities for this work. Go to C. H. Manly's office and have your title examinedandtheerrorsin the description cor"TifnMs:- Abstract of Title, flrst 8 conveyances. $2.00; each additional conveyance, 25 cents. We make no abstract leaB than $3.00. Office in Register oKoe. Ann Arbor Michigan. KIDNEYPAD THE GREAT DISCO VKHY FOR DISKASES Oí THE KIDNEYS, BLADDER AND URINARY 0R GANS. A rcmedy thftt will positively cure DIABETES, GRAVEL, DROPSY, BRIGHTS DISEASE, H1GH COLOREO URINE. INCONTINENCE AND RE TEOTION OF URINE, NERVOUS DEBILITY and FEMALE COMPLAINTS when NOTHING ELSE CAN. Its suceess provea the efficacy of ABSORPTION. It savod the Ufe of lts discoverer and is eavinir the Uves of thousands of others. For Hale by Drugi? ists or sent by mail on roceipt of the price, ($2.00.) OAY KIONEY PAD C0.f Solé I"roprletor8, Toledo, Ohio. ÖT Send your address tor our pamphlet, "How a Life was Saved." For Sale by EBERBACH & SON. Druggists. FOR INSURANCE ON YOUR PROPERTY OO TO C. II. MILLËN, ITSrSTJRA-NCE AGENT, No. 4, South Main Street, ANN ARBOK, - - MICHIGAN. The oldest agency In the city. Established a quarter of a century airo. Kepresenting the folowing flrst class companies: Home Insurance Co..of N. Y..AS8etover $6,000,000 Continental Ins. Co.,of N. Y., Assetsover $3,000,000 Niágara Mre Ins. Co., N. Y Assets $1.442, -100 QirardofPa., Assets over Sl.OUO.OOO Oriënt of Hartford Assets $700,000 K A T E S LO W. Loases liberally adjusteH and promptly paid HEALTH IS WEALTH. Dr. E. C. West 's Nerve and Brain Treatment: a specific for Hysteria, DtBZineee, Convulsiona. Nervous Headacho, Mental Depresstons, Loes of Mi'HKiry, SperniAfeorrhoaft, Impotency, Involuntary Emissions, Premature Ola Age, eaused by over-exertion, self -abuse, or over-indulsrence. whch leads tomlaeiy, deeáy and death. One box will cure recent. cases. Each box contains one mouth's treatment. One dollar a box. or six boxes for flve dollars; B6D1 by mail prepaid on rcccipt of prioe. We guaran tee six boxes to cure anv case. With each order received by us for six boxes, accompiinied with flve dolían, we will send the purchaser our written guarantee to return the money if the treatment does not effect acure. Guáranteos issued by Brmvn & Co., sole authorized Agts. for Ann Arbor, Mich, John C. West & Co., Sole Proprietors, Chicago, IU. Friezelle & Co. wholesale Agts., Detroit, Mich. .T IT -Gh-inST. 'IllOIII.IS AI II ( l!- -ÍS -HAS OPENEDIIIS MEAT MARKET ON ANN STRKET, Opposite the court-house, where FRESH anti SALT Meats of the BEST QUALITY can be proeurcd. THOS. MATTHEWW. HARNESS STORE ! TliiiVliniilt immnmnr to the late J. C. Burkhardt, dealer in HARNESSES, TRUNKS, VALICES, WHIPS. BRUSHES, BLANKETS, ETC. HARNESSES MADE TO ORDER AND REPAIRING NEATLY DONE. Clmrles F. Burkhardt, No 4, Huron Street. -dim Artmr Miiliitnui. COAL! COAL! GOAL ! M. Fleming süll contiuues In THE COAL BUSINESS, -AND IS- SELLING CHEAPEll Than any one in the city. You will find it to your interest to give me a cali before purchasing elsewhere. Office, Durhelm 's tobáceo store, corner Main and Hurón streets, Aun Arbor Mich. M. FLEMING . Sam. B. Revenaugh, Is hok taking the Besi Cta 01 Flotocwliii In the City at Prices to Suit the Times. Qround Floor Gallery. GOODRICH BLOCK, Kast Side of the NEW COUBT HOUSE. KDWARD DUFFY. Wöolesale aniRetail Grocer. DEALER IN BOOTS AND SHOES. Also a full Line of Ladies' and Gents' Hosiery and Underware. Corner Main, and Aun Sireeis. (Opposite CourHIouse) FKED SORG, Dealer in PAINTS, OILS, VARNISHES BBUSHES, WINDOW GLASS, And all Palnters' Supplies of Uie Best Quality. SHOP AND STORE, 26 and 28 East Washington Ist. ANN ARBOR. - MICMIGAN. HENRY MATTHEWS, Has. the pleasure to Inform the public that lie is ready to receive thein In hianew brick MEAT MARKEÏ! ONE DOOR EAST OF LEONARD HOUSE. Everj-thing in lus line will be flrst-class, and At Roasonable Rates. He returns nis sincere thanks to all his oíd custornera for their genorous patronage, and cordially invites them, and all new customers u) his new quarters, where he hopes by fair dealing to eularjte his already growine business. J. A. POLHEMUS, The best and most extensivo in the city. HACK AND BUS LINE ! Running to all trains nlght and dny . Orders fllled promptly for all kinds of conveyan ces. Particular attention given to orders for finierais Cor. Main and CatherineSts. ANN ARBOR - MICHIGAN JACKSON FIRE CLAY CO. Manufacturera of Stone Sewer Pipe - AND IDIR-A-IUST TILE. All our Draln THe are made of Fïre Clay, are of umwunl stmngth and Uiilit "li'.llit, which materially reduces the breakage and expense of trans po rtation. The (ÜU'hing for thls class of tiling is less expen si t as they do not require to be laid below f rost, but only deep euough to escape the plow. While this is more economical it also aids in obtaining a botter "fall" or grade to thedrain. A full assortment of all sijies, for sale in sniall quantities, or car load lots, at the FERDON LÜMBE8 YARD. JAS. TOLBERT, ARent.


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