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Don't forget to register. Court opens next Tuesday. The suspense will soon be over. 8ee registration notice on second page. v, "Our Goblins" Ypsilanti opera house Oct. 23. Nex1, Tuesday, Oct. 26th is the day of registration. As low as 40 cents per barrel is paid tor apples in Chelsea. The masón work has been coinpleted on the Baptist church. Moses Rogers received 7 votes for superintendent of the poor. Ii. F. Sanford sprained his ankle Sunday jumpingjfrom a carriage. E. P. Goodrich, court stenographer, asks for au increase of salary. Miss Emma Mayhew, of Detroit, is visiting Geo. Sutton in Northfiekl. Laugh boys, laugh while vou can, for it will be our turn after November 2. John Carlepon, drunk and disorderlj, paid $5 fine and costs last Thursday. The members of Company A rifle team scored 102 points at the Jackson touruanient. Seven cases of spinal curvature were treated at the hotnoeopathic college last week. Dr. A. R. Wheeler, of the homoeopathic hospital, hits been appoiuted physician at the jail. Uhus. M. Cotter, of St. Lawrence county, New Yoik, is teaching school in this vicinity. The Flynn brothers have taken the contract to build the vauit in the Norlhfield cemetery. County treasurer Fairchild received 534,56 fine money from Oct. lst, 1879, to Pet. 13, 1880. Tuesday morning John Carney and Thos. Allen, tramps, were committed to jail for 15 days each. Herbert B., son of Ilenri L. , and Emily F. Cole, died last Friday, aged 2 years, 4 months and 13 days. Byron Green was thrown from his carriage last Saturday on State street, and considerably bruised. Register, 'oy all means register if you have changed your residence withiu 10 days preceeding an election. The Tyrol-Alpen singers'gie an entertainment at Vanderford & Werner's bank billiard parlor this evening. It is alleged that "Bill" Johnson, who formerly lived here, voted in seven wards in Toledo O., on the;i2thult. Mrs. John F. Miller, after a four years' residence in Washington, D. C, has returned to this city on business. Supervisors Olsaver and Pancer have been appointed a coramittee on percentage of fractional school districts. W. A. Howard, the upholsterer, is the worst kind of a D. B. He recently left the city leaving sundry unpaid bilis. If,u supervisor is absent only for a day during the session of the board, he loses $3. A reform in the right direction. The resul t of the clection in Ohio and Indiana, will have a tendeney to make the democrats in this county more solid. Chas. H. Minnis is the father of a bouncing 13 pound cornetist. The little fellow played his flrst tune one night last week. Martha M., daughter of the late Jas. Weeks, and wife of Wm. Qilbert, of Superior, died Hunday of typhoid her 41st year. A rousing democratie meeting was held at Whitmore Lake last Saturday. Speeches were made by C. R. Whitman and P. McKernan. Lorenzo Davis, of the town of Ann Arbor, was elected superintendent of the poor Tuesday, vice Edward Uuffy whose term has expired. The supervisors have allowed the claim of Chas. Kitson against the county for six arm chaira loaned Jell Davis, the janitor, some three years ago. Michael Cahill, who claimed to hail from Toledo, was arrested Tuesday by Policeman Millman, on the charge of jumping a board bill. Harry Sauuders, of Detroit; whose arrest on a charge of attempted burglary was uoticed some weeks ago, has been houcrably difcharged. Chas. H. Manly has been elected vicepresident of the State Military Rifle Association and S. B. Revenaugh one of the board of directors. The play of "Our Goblins," is to be given in the opera house at Ypsilanti . Saturday evening. Barney McCauley is billed for November 6. Allen H. Prazer, who has gained quite a reputation as a temperance speaker, was advertised to address a meeting in Ypsilanti Sunday afternoon. There was an accident on the M. C. R. R. near Dexter yesterday. A freight eogine run into a "caboose" and a brakeman narrowly escaped death. Edward McCarty and Thos. Milla were before Justice Winegar last Friday on the charge of drunkenneas. They were let oil on suspended sentence. There was a sudden change in the weather last Saturday afternoon, and during the night the wind increased to a gale blowing down bill boards and signs. It is important that every democrat who intends to vote a week from Tuesday, sliould be registereil . The committee should giye this matter their attention. Adrián Press: Constable Schall lives in Ann Arbor. When he serves the papers and a man resists, he simply says "1, Schall, take you" and walks hiin riglit along. E. E. Kellogg, a niilk dealer living in tlio tüvvn of Ann Arbor, lost a very fine cow from eating apples. Six of nis other cows wcre very siek and eaine near dying. Robert Reynolds was arrested last Saturday by Constable Looinis, on tlie charge of threatening to kill Jas. Miller. Oase continued until to-day before Justiee Winegar. Geo. Renwiek, of New Hudson, Oakland county, called at Tiie Dkmockat office Tuesday. He reports the demoeracyofhis section wide awake aud.doinggood work. John Pattcrson, Richard Durver and Richard Johnson, railroadeis, got a lili le full Saturday aml Acre run in. They were let off Moudsiy on promise of future good behavior. H. R. Hill.who has been manager of the opera house for the last four yeárs, has only received during this time $1,35 bad mouey for the sale of tickets to entcrtaiuments. Two young men in this city, who are said to be suffering with heart disease, returned from Mouut Clements last week in better health and spirits. They find a trip necessary every few weeks. W. II. Lewis, the accommodating landlord of the European hotel, Ypsilanti, knows how to get up a meal that will please the inner man. If yt)u don't believe il stop and take a meal or two witn William. The democrats had a rousing meeting at Lodi yesterday. The Öcio band furnished the music. There was a procession of horsemen and the crowd uumbered about 500. Speeches were made by Messrs. Harriman, Whitman and Manly. Constables and deputy sheriffs hercufter presenting büls for allowance to the committce on criminal claims, are requested to state the title of tbe suit in which the expense was ïneurred and the name of the justice before .vhoni tried. Edward L. Boyden, one of the wealthy men of Webster townskip and wellknown throughout the eounty, died Sunday, of heart disease, in his BOthyear. He leaves a wife and three children, Mrs. Austin Kimberly, Mis. Otis Cushman and Win. E. Boyden. James Monohan.who, it will be remembered was visiting in this citysome weeks ago, died suddenly last Tlmrsday, at his iiome iu Chicago. He worked Eor the Weil's when they did business here, and went with them to Chicago, and was in theiremploy at the time of his death. Patrick Kearney, of Webster, has threshed 45 acres of wheat which yielded 1,710 bushels, an average of 38 bushels per acre; 390 bushels of barley f rom 12 acres, and 500 bushels of oats from 29 acres. He also had 48 acres of corn whieh averaged over 100 bushels to the acre. The Rcv. A. O. Brinkman of the Swedenborgian church, is tolecture tbis Thursday evening in the Unitaviau church on "The Resurrection. or the Spirit's Entrance into the Eternal Life and the Book of Life Opened." To-inorrow evening lie will speakon "The Divine Treaty ExDiained." A tree several feet in diameter was jlown across the track of the T. & A. A. R. R. last Friday. A young lad made the discovery and ran down the track several rode waving his hut, attractingtheattention of the engineer of an approacliing train, who stopped his engine a short dis;ance from the tree. A. C. Bliss is agent for this county for Flander's patent domestic steam cooker, and last Saturday he used it at Cropsey's in preparing dinner. Smoked and f resh meats, cabbage, onions, custards.etc. , can be cooked at the same time in the same vessel, without any escape of steam or odor into the room. Prof. Langley, of the university, gave an exhibition of his electric light at the machine shop of Ailes & Company last Thursday evening, in the preseuce of a uumber of citizeus and professors. The amps burned steadily without flickering, and in this Prof. Langley's light is ahead of other electric lights. Democratie meetings to be addressed by Judge Harriman are to be held at the :ollowing places: Sharon town hall, Oct. 24; Sylvan Centre, Oct. 22; Lima Centre, Oct. 23; Geddes school house, Oct. 25; Lyndon town house, Oct. 26; Chelsea, Oct. 27; Smith's school house, Dexter, Oct. 28; Free church school iiouse, Superior, Oct. 29. v A very large audieuce attended the first performance at Haverly's theatre, of tho new musical extra vaganza,"'Our Goblins." [t comprises the usual mellange of original, light commonplace and respectable old music; it is replete with jokes, puns, and local hits, to which are added some eleve: imitations of various well-kuown artists, and a very extravagant story. "Our Goblins" make an audience laugn heartily for over two hours, and a piece that can accomplish this in the summer may be well accounted a success.- New York Herald. Lovers of art and students of the works of the old masters will hear with satisfaction that Mrs. Clara Erskine Clement, widely known through her books on painlers and sculptors, is engaged upou a series of "Stories of Art andJArüsts" for St. Nicbolas. These stories are addressed specially to young folks, and the publishers announce that the papers will give a faithf ui outline of the history of European art (beginning with the Greciin era), enlivened with charming stories and legeuds, and will be ülustrated with many reproductions of the works of the great masters. The work of grading and constructing the road-bed of the Toledo, Ann Arbor & Pontiac railroad is progressing favor ably. While crossiug the premi ses of Mr McCarroll, in West Bloomfield township, Oakland county, Wednesday last, and after thousands and thousands of loads of dirt had been drawn on to a swamp, the whole mysteriously disappeared one night, to the astonishment of the contractor. Inveatigation showed that a subterranean lake exists, with a depth of thirty feet of water and swamp. The weight of dirt had proven too heavy for the earthen crust, and had been swallowep up effectually. It has been estimated that it will require an expenditure of many thousand dollurs to cross that particular swamp. - Free Press Lovers of amusement will be delighted with the entertainment afforded at the opera house nextMonday night, by Chas. L. Davis and company, in his charactercomedy of "Alvin Joslin. "Uncle Alvin is the typical Yankee farmer who visits New York to see the sights, and meets with numerous perils as well as many amusing adventures, but comes safe and sound through them all by aiil of kis shrewd good sense, honesty ol purpose and strcngth of muscle. Mr. Davis is a capital representativa ol the cbaracter, bringiug- to his task a genulue talent for impersonating "old uien" paris, having au excellent Yankee dialect and an abundaut store of cxuaint New Englandisma to enrich the dialogue, a good inake up, aud a fine stage presence. The annual report of the superiuteiidenls of the poor was preseuted to the board of supervisors last Monctay. The total receipts for the year were $20, l. 28; amount expended $20,985.77. The county farm and buildings are valued at $30,000. The ;iroducts of the farm for the yearendiug Sept. 30th, 1880, were valued at $2.388.50. Estimated value of pauper labor $250. The personal property is valued at $4,486. Whole mimber of paupers maintüined during the year 1,120; under 16, 20; idiots, 5; blind. 1; mutes 1; 651 were Amercau; English, 86; Iri8h, 191 ; Scotch, 44; Germán, 74 ;Freneh, 2; Swedes, 4; Canadians, 00; Negrees, 8. The average number of persons supported at the county house duriug the year was 93, at an average cost per week of $1.40. The estimated expenses for the year ending Sept. 30th, 1881, are $7,00.ï.


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