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Judge Harriman's Report

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Since the last annual report of Judge laminan, dattd October 14, 1879, he has seut 10 persons to the Eastern Michigan isylum, at Pontiac, whose support is cliargeable toWashtenaw county. Chas. F. Dieterle; seut Oct. 20tli, 1870, frora the township of Ficedom. Dieterle s 21 years of age and bis pareu ts residu iu Germany. Elizabeth Come, sent Nov.4th, 1879, from the townsliip of Lima. She was a pauer auü some of her children are supported at the county house, her husband being lead. Leoiurd IJ. Rosier, sent January 20th, 1880, from the lownshipof Webster. The expenses in this case have been paid by Geo. Rosier and he guaranteed the county agaiust any future hability as long as Lieonard D. Rosier remaius a county charge. Caleb Eldridge, sent November 20Oi, 1879, from the' sixth ward of this city. Mr. Eldridge has siuce died. Thomas B. Whitlark was sent from this city Maren 2d, 1880. His property is in the hands of a trustee for the support of lis family - a wife and a chiid that is uuable to support itself. Walter B. Pitkin, sent Marchllth,1880, 'rom the city of Ypsilanti. Orlin Hiscock, sent Mmch 23d, 1880, from the township of York. Has sinee returned home cured. Clark Fisher, sent April 22nd,188ü,from Ypsilanti. Addison ,D. Kief sent May 12th, 1880, 'rom Manchester. Em:l Walter, sent Jan. 19th,1880, from this city. Catherine Rauschenberger. The order 'or her confinement was made July 3rd, 1879, hut she was not taken to the asylum nntil after the Judges aunual report. Iu ;his case Rauscuenberser has giveD a bond to pay the county $100 per year towards the cost of maintaining his wife at the asylum j while she remains a county charge.


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