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A few moro sonffs Rad soon these tuneful volees. O'er tho blue splfiidorof the Southern Sea Will sound, trüera the red tanager rejoicos, lleneatn the acucia nnd the oranjte tree. Soon, one by one the rods now bright aud trolden Will turn to dusty bramblos hy tbr woy; And sturry Eisten fall. Hfl trom the oldoil Hich tupesttics, the glories lade awuy. Slowly tho rushes, and tho flajrs of Iris, Drooplngi BO more thoir purplo banners rnise, And deep, ns in the liind of ilnrk Osiri-, Streama the red light, t ti i-. n -1 bars of uhrysoprase. A few more davs and all this world of Howors, The Uohl and glory on ihc land and main, Will fade, as once on great Alnddin's towera ThocnchuutiiK'iit passol, and all was dark airain. No kinprly power, or wand of necromanci-r. Can (fild witta koM the wlthered Belds ascain. Nor clarión voice can tlll, with jocund answer - A veil of silonee fallí on hill and plaiu. Yet in the west an oranjre liiiht ia bornlDK Where bright heaven's steadfast lamp is Ut on hiffh; And liold Orion comes, each nlsrht rotuinitiif. With countless worlds on woilds, beyond the sky. And love shall live thougrh all the rocksshould cruinble, And with the ever-blooniliiK oypress last, And warm hands clasp tho' loud the BCorm wirnis rumble, And joys buru brightor in the wintry blast.


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