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Chapped Hands

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The raw winds of late autunin ofteD pi'oduce in the hands of those who are much exposed to them that roughness and cracking of the skin known as chapping. If nothiug ia done to prevent, and the persou is obligod to have his hands frequently wet and dried, the cracks will oftenget deop and be painf ui. Corn huskingis frequently acconipanied by sore hands fromthi.i As botli a precaution and cure tor ohapped hands we have used the follovving with beneiit: Wash the hands, and the face also if it is inelined to chap, witli borax water, and afterward rub with an ointment made by melting mutton-tallow (or suet), and then graduallyaddingan equal quantity of glycerine, stirring the two together untifcool. For the hands, this mixture can be best applied at night, using it freely, and warming itin by the fire, after which an old pair of gloves can be put on to keep the bedclothes from being soiled, and also make the skin of the hands softer. An excellent glycerine ointment for ehapped hands is made by melting, with a gentle heat; two ounces of sweet oil ot almonds, half an ounce of spermacetti and one dram of white wax. When melted, remove from thestove, and add gradually one ounce of glycerine, and stir until the mixture is cola. The ointment can be scented with any perfume to suit the fancy. Keep in wide-necked bottles. - American Agriculturisl. - Mr. and Mrs. Ames of San Francisco agreed that they we re unsuited to each other, and that a separation was desirable, but how to obtain a divorce was puzzling. because neither had a grievance that would stand the test of the law. Their conclusiĆ³n was that the husband should give the wife ground for complaint by whippiug her; go he amiably knocked lier down, and she got a divorce. - California has added to its legal holidays " Admissiou Uay," which comes September 9. This State now has seven holidays.


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