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- The number of different languages and dialect spoken in the kuownworld ia 2,C2.', oí which 6S7 belougto Europa 396 to Asia, 376 to África, and 1,264 to America. - From 1793 to 1815, during the wars with Frunce, the natioiml dett of England rose from L168,000,000 to L800,000,000 and the annual expenditure from L20,000,000 to L170,000,000. - Mr. William Caxton, who brought the iirst printing-press into England, was even busier as a translator than as a printer. Of all his printed pages, more than 4,000 are from works of his own rondering into English. - The Spanish Armada numbered 130 ships, to which the English could oppose but eight vessels, and these so small that but four of theni equaled in tonnage the smallest of the galleons. The Armada carried 25,030 guns, 8,000 seamen and 20,000 soldier. The English Heet was mauned by 8,000 sailors. - A íigurative genius has made an estímate of the number of hordes in the various countries of the worlc!. Russia heads the list with 21,470,000; the United States comes next with 9,504,000; Austria has 1,367,000; Hungary, 2,179,000; France about 3,000,000; Germany, 3,352,000; Great Britaiu and Ireland, 2,225,000; Turkey about 1,000,000; the Argentine Republic, 4,000,000; Canada, 2,624,000; Uruguay, 1,600,000. Many large areas, such as Cliina, Japan and Australia, are absent from tlio list, probably because there are no returns to be had from those regions. - Somebody who has examinad the statistics of some of the big battles of the war fimls that 80 soklicrs, all shot above the Ups, and all of one regiment, feil dead at one voiley in the battle of Gettysburg. At Fair Oaks, 20 men went down, one upon another, in a square of a few feet, and never moved a limb among them after falling. One shell, at Cole Harbor, exploding in the raoks of an Ohio regiment, killed 16 soldien. At Savage Station, during MoClellan's charge, a solid shot firea from a Federal piece at an infautry column, marching by fours, killed 21 men. Near Vicksburg a gimboat threw a single shell at a Confedérate battery and killed 18 men, wouuding 15 others. - In the faetones and magazines of Paris more than 10,000 workwomen and close upon 3,000 workmen people the workshops, and receive for their labor in the came an annual sum of not tesa than 11,000,000 francs, whieh represents the amount paid for hand labor, giviug a daily wage of thre(; francs per Eead. To state il in othor words, the average earniugs of the male sex is about four francs, while that of the female portion is about two francs fifty centimes. In regard to th latter, when it is stated that many of these are wives and mothers of families, and devote but their spare time taken from home cares and uuties, it may be readily imagined that the earnings of the Frenchwomen engaged are of the most remuncrutive amongst those industries which are open to the females, who form at an early ag au object of the employers' engagement.


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