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"frizzes" And "bangs."

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A current item states that "a confirmation was held in St. John's Catholic Church, at Concortl, N. 1L, nnd the young girls were told beforehand by the priest that the Bishop would not lay his liand on any 'frizzed or 'banged' headg. The Bishop of Concord has also íorbidden 'banged' or 'frizzed' hair to be worn ia his diocese." This is a movo iti the right direction. It was about time something was done toward rescuínjf our young girls from the frightful demon of "bangs" and "frizzes."' When a maiden acquires a taste for this soul-destroying fashion, her head flrst appeivrs with a couple of modest little curlicues íondly clinging to her temple; but pretty soon her downward career becomes more marked ; the blood is poisoned, the whole system permeated with a vitiated taste for banjjs and frizzus, and she boldly promenades the street with her forehead garnished with the covriipting bangs trova one ear to theother, and reacMng down to her eyebrows! And if tliis terrible passion is not cheoked in its Bnt stages, before it seizes hoUl of the girl with such a vise-liko grip that she cannot slioke it ofl", the victim iscarriod to a "banged" and "frizzed" grave with all her imperfections upon her forehead, and her parents are plimged in a sorrow that will not be comforted. Girls! look not upon the bang when it curleth over the brow like a viper! Shun the l'riz as yon would a hoppergrass at a iicnic! for at last it stingcth like a steel-blue wasp and keeptsth the sensible young men aloof. Mother! vvhere is your daughter to-night? Is she in her chambor preparing the baleful quince-seüd juice with whieh to fresoo her fair forehead with the demoralizing bangs in the morning? Spesk to her- plead with her- apply the slipper before it is everlastiugly too late! - l'uclc. Most aetors forget about as readily ■xs they loarn, and a few days will often ullice to destroy their perfect memory of a role. On a recent voyau from England John McCullough and Rose ' orillan were aboard, and the passengers, ongettingup an entertainment, put tliem down lor a scene frota "Maobeth." Although Macbeth is one of McCullough's star ]arts, and Miss Coghlan hatl not long before acted Lady Macbeth, thoy were unable torocall the language. with anything like aecurao?, ni as there wasn't a copy of the play 11 the steamer the perfomance had to be omitted. - ♦ - French ladies keep a little frog in a globe in place of gold fish.


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