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Clbm Canada, the oldest negro in Virarinia, diod a few days ago at the home of his relatives, neur Guüford, in Loudoun County, Va, at the advanced aye of nearly ono hundreil and twenty-une years. When Clem was middle-HRred, about sixty or seyenty years, he became the property of Mr. Lee, wealthy eitizeti oï Loudoun County. He proved a worthy man and a l'íiithf'ul servant, aud enjoyed the fullest oonfldence of his master, who frequently intrusted htm with larg-o suma of money and the transaction of important business missions. At the death of the eider Lee provisión was made by will for the manumission of Clefü, but, as the latter could not at tbat time aocept his freedom and remain in Virginia, he removed to Pennsylvania, but Boon rpturnod to Loudoun, and, surrendering himsclf to the heirs of his late master, he was purchasedby Mr. Matthew F., a son of his foriner master, for $100. He continued in the service of the Lee family mtil. by the proclamation of President Lincoln, he was again set free. Had ho iived untilJanuary, according: to a record still preserved in the Lee family, he would have been one hundred and twenty-one years old.


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