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Domesticated Animals In Europe And This Country

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Washington, November 14. The Agricultural Department has prepared a statement giving the number of domesticated animáis in the United States and Europe. Jly the table it is shown that there are in Europp:U,573,6(il horses, oí whieh Great Britain pussesses 2,101, 10J; Russia, 16,180,000; Austria, 1,367,023; Hungary, l,15i,819; Prussia, 2,278,724; Francc, 2,743,708; other countries, less than 1,UjO.UÜJ each. The Unitod States bas but 10,988,700, or 2J,634,9J3 less than all Europe. Kuiope hiia 1,189,031 mules and asses, Spain haNinü: 2,319,848; Italy, 118,223; Franee, 705,943; Portugal, 188,640; other eountries lesi than lOO.OiXI each. The United States has but 1,713,100, or 2,422,931 less than all Eüropö. There are in Europe i9,678,248 horned eattle, Great Britain haviniu 8,003,100; Ireland, 4,H!i,+00; Sweiiea, 2,0Jfi,330; liussia, Í3, 770,000; Austria, 7,425,212; HiiTigaiT5,279,193; Prussia, 8,612,150; Ba varia 3,0(50,21)3; Franee, 11,721,459; Spain, 2,987,303; Italy, 3,489,125; other countries, less than 3,000,000 each. The United States has 33,234,500, or 56,413,748 less than Europe. All Europe possesses 194,026.238 sheep, Great Britain havinff 29,495,900; Ireland, 4,482,000; Ilussia, 46,432,000; Austria, 5,026,398; Hungary, 15,016,997; Prussia, 19,634,758; Franee, 25,035,114; Portugal, 3,71, 777; Spain, 22,468,969; Italy, 6,984,049; Boumania, 4,786,317; other countries, less than 2,000,0C0 each. The United States has 38,126,800, or 155,899,436 less than all Europe. There are in Europe 42,688,493 swine, Great Britain having 3,519,300; Ireland, 1,042.244; Kussia, 9,800,000; Austria, 2,551,473; Hungary, 4,443,279; Prussia, 4,278,531; Franee, 5,755,658; Spain, 4,351,736; Italy, 1,553,582; other countries, less than 1,000,000 eaoh. The United States has 34,764,100, ar 7,920,393 leus Uan all Kurope.


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