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Singular Blunders Of Letter-writers

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A FORsiEit clerk in the Dead-Letter Offloe relates Borne interesting faots about people who blunder. He saya: "A gentleman traveling on business sent a letter containing Y1,500 to his wife at home. He sealed the envelope and deposited it in the mail without any address whatever. After the letter was opened at the Dead-Letter Office we fouod that he had written but a few lines, announcing hls determination to go South, not mentioning any destination, and sifjning 'George.' There was noclew totrace the wife aud but a slight one to find the writer. After a long seareh 'George' was discovered on the hotel register, the onlj' person out of thirty-two of the same name who had merely 8igned his name without saying where he was from, or whither going. " Another case, somewhat similar, was the following: A letter was written, dated Astor House, New Vork, signed 'Chauncey,' inclosing two thousand dollars to a lady as a remuncration for the care with which she had treated his parents. The letter stated he was going to Europe. The letter was misdirected and was opened at the Dead-Lettor.Ofnce. The Postmaster of New York was instructed to make inquirios at the Astor House for Chauncey, who, after some trouble, was found, and the money retumed tohimthe very afternoon hc left for Europe. "The following are some of the singular superscriptions on dcad letters: " ' Please hand to my mothor, and oblige, Mary.' " 'Sal, if you want to hearfrom your bo, you had better come and get this letter.' " ' In this letter thero is twenty dollars for Bob, and I send it this way so that the Postmaater won't steal it.' "'Postmafitera, please deliver this to the youug lady Living 'n the iirst house beyond the wallet factory, that wears a black dress and sack, white straw hut and iiniw face-trimmings. Now don't make a mistake.' " - The Harvard Divinity School has just received a bequest of $10,000 for the education of needy students intending to beconie clergymen. - Irish landlords are providing themselves with coata of mail. A very good shot-proof jacket can be bought jnLon don for ttOƓ. )


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