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Wit And Wisdom

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- The apple erop is be-cider hefself. - Coal is so black that it is wonderful how a dealer can make a ton so light. - A'. 0. Picniune. - An exehane eontains an article hoaded "A Newspaper Man's Sad Fate." It is pretty sad when a neivspaper man loses his railroad pass when he is 200 miles f rom home. - Norrinlown Herald. - Sprjggins saya he doesn't see why poople pay a clersrvman to solemnice tlieir marriares. Ifo thinks they will find marriage solemn enou?h without extraiieous and mereenarv aid. j ably his would be. - Boston Transcript. - " I don't believo mueh in history," said a modern miss, "and particularly the history of Cinderella. In mr opinión there neVef was anv such a person." Thereupon she Went to the lookingglass and powdered herself fni'iously. in a vain atternpt to conceal the too hrilliant color which had been produced by her efforts to get on a No. 8 shoe.- Andrew's Bazar. - There seems to be anxiety and irapatience on the part of the people to see the revised edilion of the Bible, that they may see what changes have been made. The trouble wlth most people will be that thev don't know enough the öld Bible fco ïvcosrnize the change when they see it. We heard a man say that he considered this unauthorized meddling with and changing of the sacred book little less than blaSphemy. And at the time of making the remark he was hunting all throngh the book of Job to iind the quotation. -'Make hay while the sun sh ines. ' ' - Burlington Hawkeie. - Human nature is a curious stmly. The other night at the Union Depot one of the depot hands, while sweepingout. thought he saw a twenty-five cent bit. under one of the benches. He went down on his knees immediately and covered the pieoe with his hand. While he was in this position a well-dressed lady tapped hlm on the shoulder and said: " I just dropped that." "What is it, madam?" was the gentlemanly interrogatory. " I think it is aquarter." He (ilaoed it, without further parleying, in her hand. and she, tightly holding it, went away. What was her dismay to discover that it was a peppermint lozenge. -


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