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Policeman Portcr is on deck again. C. B. Cook froze his cars Sanday. Harry 1Í. Ilill owns scveral bounds. Good skating on the river for scveral days. Good slcighing woiflil make business livcly. What a pity old Orant couldn't lc pensionad. Have you eot your turkey for Thanksgiyingt Many students liavc gone borne toget a slice of turkcy. R. A. Bcal favors the re-election of Senator Baldwiu. Last Saturday night tliu tbermooietor Went down tO zero. Chas. II. Mauly bad a capital timo n the north woods. Congressman WiUits was in the cily Friday, on business. TIn; fast "nags" were epeeded on State street last Thursday. Prof. Walson leaves a will which s on file in the probate office. Bccretary Bherman is also a caádidate for the Ohio senatorsbjp. The nierry jingle of the sleigh bells was heanl last Thursday. Oouayin's Teonesseeans Saturday evening next, at the opera house. They have lately had a convent ion of coillnmakcrs in liuliauapohs. Chas. Conkliu has beeu giauted a divorce froin Mary E. Couklin. Jasper Imus and two other hunlers killed 4G rabbila last Thursday. L. Hunson and Barnum B. Barnes were admittcd to the bar last Friday. Frauk Mayo in the play of Davy Crockctt next Tuesday evening. Prof. David Swing drew a fairaudiencc iu university hall Friday evening. Mr. A. J. Shively, of New York city, is the guest ef Johu N. Gott, Esq. Geo. Plowe takes Fred Kerns' place as section foreinan on the M. C. R. li. A free concert was givcn Ionday evening in university hall by Prof. Cady. Frauk M. Strong has been offered the foremanship of a 30b office in lowa. The Kemp brothers purchased iu Chclsea this fall, 50,000 barrels of apples. Tramps are said to take advantage of the low rates and ride in passenger cars. Allen Sheldon etalvs. Jno. G, Wackenhut; judgment on stipulation, f1,760.52. The Pittsburg Dispatch says a good man is made better by seeing Davy Crockett. Mrs. Scott Siddons will undoubtedly have a large audiencc to-morrow cvening. Mrs. A. T. Hurst, of Detroit, is visit ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Johnson. Union Tlianksgiving services will be held in the Presbyterian chureh this mornine;. Sunday was a fearful cold day, and the boys didn't linger long on the Street corners. The Michigan Central railroad is doing au immense freight and passenger business. The New York Express charges Samuel J. Tilden with the defcat of Gen. Hancock, Mrs. Jane Grundy is dangerously ill at the residence of Ml. C. N. Haynes, in Scio. Vett Armstrong painted the Niágara scène on the drop curtain in the opera house. Prof. Swing's subject Friday evcning v;is "The Position of the Novel in LiterUure." December 22nd is tbe time, and Hangsterfer's the place for the New England Bupper. "As You Like It" is the play in whicb JIrs. Scott Biddona appcars to-morrow evening. Mary A. Brainard, of Saiem, wauls a divorce froin her hu.sband, Charles S. Brainard. Chas. Spokes has been appointed special policeman al the depot, without expeue to the city. There is to bc a meeting of the pioneer society iu the Baptist church, Ypsilanti, next Wedne&day. In the case of Vm. Barnes against W. D. Sraith, the jury rendered a verdict of no cause of action. Christian J. Kelly has been appointed iidministrator in the estáte of John Youngs, deceased. A week from Mcmday, the state pomological society commences a tbree days, gession in this city. The ca6e of S. J. Chase, of Chelsea against Walter A. and Agnes Holcomb, has been discontinucd. That case in Ypsilanti is said to have been diagnosed by Detroit doctors as en largeuient of the liver. The opera house ougbt to be crowded on the occasion of Mrs. Scott Siddons' appearauce to-morrov cvening. George Pulciphcr.who bas been engiueer on the Toledo and Ann Arbor railroad for a year or more, has quit work. Dauiel McEroy was taken to Ionia, Efriday, by Constable Schall, on a six months' sentence for vagrancy. A telegram was received in Ibis city Tucsday anuouncing the death of Prof. Watson at Madison, Wisconsin. Id the case of Jacob Fischer, charged with committing ao assault and battery on I'. Queeo, sentence was suspended. NclsAU L()Otll ,ook cbflSof thceitMidler líOuüie tíuuday. lic will run tJe hotel and Andriw DeKorest will act as clerk. 'Viie iitiiU-tic association are to bc given a bcnelit liop on the evening of December lOth, at the State street dancing academy. Six „weeks from to morrow county Treasurer Fairchild will turn over the books and paper to Treasurer elect Knapp. The concert Saturday evening in the opera house by the Tennesseeans is for the benefit of the M. E. church Sunday school. In the case of Josiah S. Case against W. R. ilcnuctt and Wm. Burtless, the jury rendered a verdict for $1,336.36, last Friday. Mr. Mayo's Crockett is a natural exhibition of that noble undercurrent of rciititity vhicli animated the lenl.sturdy hero of pioneer d.iys. Joe T. Jacobs says if; the people WOUldn't sena him to Lansing. he proposes to take a trip to Florida about the lirst of February. Harrison llamar, of üexter, went hunting last Saturday, and his loft arm and Bhoulder was preforatcd by"thc accidental discharge of his gun. .Mr. C. Donovan, of, Port Eads, La., is visiling his parcnts, Mr. aud Irs, P. Donovan, in the tifth ward. He cxpects to remaln ahout tour weeks. David Henning, has haderected iu Forest Iiill cemelery probably the linest monument 111 this seclion of the state. It cost scveral thousand dollars. Ann Arbor policcman should tuke warning for a "cop" in New York city has been genteneed to i days' imprisonment tor accidentally killing a boy. In the future all communicaliuus pertaiuiug lo subscriptious or advertisements for the A.nn Anr.ou Dkmocrat, sbould be oddresscd to II. K. II. Bower. Tlio Coldwatet Kepublican is of the opinión that in organizing his cabinet, Gen. Garlield could not do beller thau to ;ip[(ii!ii Judgc pooley attorney general. That f t(K) in the [Kissession of the treas urci" of the lato temporalice werkers, causes some of the meiubers of the reform club great uneasiness, particularly .1. B. 8. Laai 8unday and ïlonday moruinys was thecoldest weathcr ever kuown in November. Al sunrise Monday tUe thermometer indicated 10 degreoa below zero. The funeral of Richard Barns, of NorthBeid, took place lust Friday froin the Northfield church. He was 70 years olil and 40 ycars of his life had been spent n tLis county. Because one of the boarders at the Washtenaw house in the flfth ward did not shut the door as bid, the proprictor went for hitn and gave the heedless young man a trounsing. We are iuformcd by the proprietora of the City Mills, that by running night and day they are unable to fill their orders for flour. Nothing like manufacturing a good brand you kuow. The reform club meeting was held iu tke Unitariuu church Sunday afternoon. Although the weather was extremly cold, a fair audience assembled to hear Dr. Cocker and Ju'jge Cooley. A braKuman eaught his foot in a f rog at the Michigan Central depot Friday aflernoon, and before he could e.vtricate it, was run over by a freight car. He was taken to Detroit and had his foot druMed by ]r. Farrand. Policeman Millmau arrestad Mary Smith Saturday night aud carted her to jail. Monday Justice Winegar let her go on suspended sentence, as she promised most faithfully to abstain from intoxicants iu the future. Constable Loomis went to Grand Rapids last Friday and brought back thu in dividual who is supposed to have been one of the party who assaultcd the student Phipps. He turued out to bc the wrong man and was discharged. Monroe Democrat: Amortgage was recently recorded at the Register's office from the Toledo and Aun Arbor and Grand Trunk „railway company, to the Farmer's Loan and Trust Co., of the city of New Vork, for 2,260,000. Henry Luick charged with obtaining goods undcr false pretenees, and Clark Wolsey, for larccny, were arraigned in the circuit court last Saturday and pleadcd not guilty. tt. E. Frazcr was appointcd by the court to defend Luick. Tlve recent cold snap was so unexpected that it caught the farmers in a bad way. AVe hear of tlic loss of applcs, potatoes, and other vegetables which had not been housed away. Thedamage even in this counly must be considerable. Adrián Press: The Ann Aiiiidk Demockat says that Dowd, the republicau candidate for maj'or of New York, was once a resident of Ann Arbor. The rcpublicans of New York can now box him lip and eend him back to Ann Arbor as a "stiff." .Tudge Ilarnman received a letter froin Ilcnry M. Hurd, of Pontiac, last Friday, to the effect that the insano asylum was crowded.and no more patients could bc received unless some were disebarcred, or uutil the wing.wliich isbcingcooatructed, is finish cd. Miuing Journal: The nian who can't turn adoublu back actiou somersault and light on the snmll of his back without injury to his livcr pad, has no business ou the sidewalks now-a-days - the boyg and girls are out with their little sleds and "hoopla! out 'of the way there!" once agaiu. The Ypsilantiao thinks if Watts is convicted in Adrián upon the testimony of Hcrdman and Huil and his accomplice, of grave-robbing, the human hyenas who receivcd the body froin the crimina) are as guilty as he, and should receivo greater punisument as inciters to the hellish crime. We know of several otbers who hold to the same opinión. The Saline Observer is the name of a seven column folio, published by Nissley & Co. The first number was issued last weck and is a crcditablo paper. lts advertising columns are we'l patronized ly the business men of Saline, and the place is certainly largo enough to support a live weekly paper which The Observer promises to be. Of course we will exchange brothers. "Anythiiig new or fresh thismoraing?" a reporter asked in a railroad olhce. "Yes," replied the lone occupant of the apartment. "What is it?" queried the reporter, whipping out his note-book. Said the railroad man, edging his way toward the door, "that paiut you are leaning against." The railroad man is now in the hospital aud the reporter is in jail. - Exchange. The Kalamazoo Telegraph says: AgooJ home greeted tho Tennesseeans, and they proved deserving still botter. As a musical entertainment to please an nudiencu, it could scarcely be bettered. Beveral mtmbers of this company possess remarknbly smooth voices, and in quartctls showed that they had received careful training, and were complete masters of what is coiisidered difflcult niusic. As a company their song were enchantiug, and delighted everyone. The annual meeting of the Washtenaw pomological sojioty will be held on Saturdy, the 4th of December, 1880.. at 2 o'clock p. m., at the room of the society In the court house. A full attendauce of the merabers aud ihose that wish to lecome sucli is solicited. The annuiil fee of membership is 50c. Hemember that this is an important meeting bcing preparatory to the statu meeting, the success of which should be Uie pride of every cit izen of Washtenaw county. Gen. Williams of ImUaua dicil lust Saturday oí iuflamiuacioii of, tbe bladder, a diseasc wilh vvhich lio liad bcen afllicted for the past 15 years. He was a staunch democrat and next to Mr. Heudricks, the most popular man in Indiana. He was repeatedly rcwarded with ollice. Ho was a member of the state legislaturc sorving Beven years in thehousc and 12 years in the senate, For 16 years he was a niembcr of the state board of agriculiure and for four yoitrs served as president. Hu had served in the congress of the United States and was a man univcrsally belovod by the people of lus state. At Ibis seasou, when the (Iemand for plays, oporettas, and other parlor and Suuday-school entertuinments for yOung people is very great, it is pleasnnt to see the anuouucemeut that 8t. Isicholas for Dccouilwr, the ( number, will contain a new and easily represeuted operelta - ''The Land of Nod"-which eau cither be suiif; Dr roiiteil. Music for soinu of the songs, written by Anthony líeilV and W. F. herwin, will be printed wit li the text, and although the operetta will occupy more tban eiglit pages of the magazine, it will bc of capital longth for rep - rescutiitiou. Full inatructiona for setting the stage and preparing (lic coatumes will be giren. For 3ouie years there Uas resided in this city a colorad man known as "Crazy Joe," He is very large and puwerful, and stands about six feethigli. It is only occasioually that he shows signs of deningeinent, bul wheu the "speü" lakes him it requires the efforts of several able-bodied mea to get him to, wheu after severallays' conflucmeut bis rcasou usually returns, and he is permittcd to depart. Ou Tuesday eveniug of last week word was couimunicated to the ollicers that "crazy Joe" was out of his head, and threatening to kill and devour several persons liviug opposite the old Hooper brewery. Policetuan Millinan and Constable Schall went to tin: house end after a desperate tussel secured "Joe" and took him to jail, expecting of course he would be all right in a day or two; but such was not the case. Last Friday a daughtur of the sheriff rushed from the jail and told Policeman Milluian, who lives opposite, that "Joe" was crazier thau ever, that he had the other prisnnors nearly frighteued to dcath. The policeman rushed to the jail and.found the territied prisoners running through the corridors to escape being brained by the cow maddened negro wlio was arined with an iron poker.


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