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History Of Washtenaw County

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In contemplating a work of this nature we rcalize soinething of the magnitude of the undertaking of its compilers and publishers, Messrs. Chapman & Co. We know that a correct and complete history cannot be compiled without careful stuJy, arduous labor, and considerable outlay. Wealao realize the importance of thepubishers having the co-operation of the older residents of the county; those who are familiar with various portions of its history. There are mauy important facts and interesting incidents treasured in the memories of the old pioneers, which are to be found no where else. We hope such matter will be freely furnished the publishers. Besidesthc pioneer history of the county the work will contain sketches of cvery city, village and township ; the geology, topography, and agricultural features of the counly ; political, military and civil history; the rcligious and educational progress; legal history, biographies, etc, etc. lt will, in fact, be an encyclopcdia of Washtenaw county.


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