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To the Honorable Board of Rogents of the Uuiversity of Michigan: Gentlemen - The undersignod, members of the several faculties of the university of Michigan, beg leave to present to you the following memorial : On the 22d of September, 1869, your honorable body appointed a committee representing the sevcral faculties then existing in the Univorsity, with instructions to examine and report to the board in regard to the propriety of establishing a gymnasium in conneetion with the Univorsity. That committee consisted of the following persons: M. C. Tyler, Edward Olney, C. L. Ford, and T. M. Cooley. At the next meeting of the board this committee seated an elabórate report upon the subject proposed to them, which report was spread upou the records of tbe board of regenta and ordered printed. The report was strongly in favor of the establishment ol a university gymnasium, but in consequence of the lack of funds the board was imable to carry out the recommendation of the committee, although at the meeting aforesaid an informal expreasion was made in favor of the plan. For 1 1 years this subject has been in aboyance here, so far as any official action is concerned. Meantimo the evidence of the need of a gymnasium lias been multiplying. and within the past two years the students have taken hold of the matter with great earnestness, and by their own efforts have ready raised a fund of nearly $1,200 for tht purpose and are still at work to increase that fuud. All moneys raised by the students tor tilia purpose are handed over to a board o trustees and by them to bo delivered to the board of regenta whenever the regents may be ready to proceed to the erection of a gymnasium ; but it is obvious that without a special appropriation it will be many years before the student's fund can be made large enough to procure a suitabie building. We therefbre beg leave to suggest to your honorable body that perhaps it may now be a suitabie time tbr measures to be taken to asaist the students in tlieir earnest and honorable ondea vor; and that, if it ahould not be incompatible with other important plans under consideration, it might be well to include an appropriation for a gymnasium among the requests which you may have to lay before the next legislature. Henry S. Freize, Acting President. G. K. Adams, Dean of Faculty of Literature, Science and Arts. A. B. Palmer, Dean of Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. T. M. Cooley, Dean of Law Faculty. Albert B. Prescott, Dean of Faculty 01 School of Phafmacy. E. C. Frankhu, Dean of Faculty of Homeopathy. J. Taft, Dean of Faculty of Dental College. If you want a suit of clothos cheap, go to Bach & Abel's. Bach & Abel offer until January lst the entire Sondeim stock of fine cloths and cassimeres, at oost. Any one in need of a suit of clothes should not let this opportunity pass. Never have the citizens of Washtenaw county had such a bargain offered them before. $5,000 of cloths and cassimeres, the entire Sondeim stock at cost. When Bach & Abel say cost they always mean what they say. Every man and boy ought to buy a suit of clothes of Bach & Abel. Don't wear any more ready made clothing- go to Bach & Abel's and buy the cloth at 50c on the dollar. Found . -A solid gold ring which the owner can have by proving property, and payiug for this notice. Addres"s this office.


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