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DETROIT, Mick. ftprnmit Kidaiiuuur uuvh. ney Pad. Ask WILLIAMS BLOCK, "Three Milf t nnH fnkf lions a Year noOther. DETROIT, Mich. Sent free. P 1 1 D C D A P 1 A P U C Curesby ABSORPTION Nature's wav bUntlDAbKAünt TmTSSII - Improved lor Kidney Pad, drives iNTp.theiSySt.m cuu 1 1 j i agPnts an(j heaüng medicines. It isa MARVEL of HE4LING and RELIEF, it DRAWS FROM the diseased parta th SIMPLE, SlNoIdLl, UIKlLI, Thousands Testify to ts Virtues. PAINLESS, POWERFUL. You Can Be Relieved And Cured. It C U R Ef where all else Mis A REVELADon.t de r unt, haV(J tried,this „ PION and KJ1.VUL.U HUW in üieüiine. AüsorppflJ,:iv Annlii anñ D A n l r a i i vt irtion or direct application, as opposed to unsatfealyApplied and RAD I C A L L Y E FEactory internal medicines. Sendforour treatise r t V 1 U A L.Kemeay. Dn Kidneytroubles, sentfiee. öold by druggisis, Sold by Druggists. or sent bymail on receipt irsent by mail, on receipt of price, $á of Price, 82, by JrïrThe-'Oniy'LungPadCo. TeSoSais The "Only" LungPad Co.


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