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An Interlude

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llotween the hllls, alone upon thn hoath, ",ir (arm-house stand-s; lor milos and mile arounrt Is nmiirht but silente; aii'l the mystie hills Bond over s where trom bcnvnth Our house looks lip; neyer a harsher si mnd Thmi the lar ocean'8 moan tbc sllenco lilis. The nuiks raw in the treo-tops in the sprinir. And round tho place few binls are heard to sin. Once on a time tho silence of tho place Was broker fnr a wliilc. Mr carne thiit way In seareh for hoalth, and qulet, poiico and reet Ho read or paintod, once he drow my face, Beowhoréit hungs! 'twas taow I looked tho day When h'is love-whlspers echood througrh my breastNot imich liko mo? No, not liko I am now, Uut It was I, ere sorrow llned my brow. We wnnlered up and down tho stretchlnff pl:ün. And climbed the hills, and gazed up to the ! stars: Thon uestioned tbelr oxistence and our own, Talkei] o'rr and o'er tho mystories of pain, And trieil to ecr throutfh Hcuvon's heavy DATB. Tet, ero the seeds sprang up that ho had Bown Beneatb nu window, he had srone, and 1 Wondered, alone, lf it were hard to die. Yet he had only whlspered me of love, And so the silenoe fnded when his voice Broke on mine ear in tboso tlrst dnys of Hfe. Hm tinw it tllls the placo; and f rom above 'l'hi' hills look down, mul silenoe doth rojoice To bide me ir m my self'- most. weary striie. Ah! well I knovv. ttint silcnee wlll not break 'J'il I lie down and sleep - no moiv in wnkr.


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