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[St. Louis Time.] Itfony lnt. The best invesiment Is in that whlch will malntain health. Frotn a letter of Mr. C. W. Eok, No. 12 S. 5th St., St. Louis, Mo., It Is learncd that the clerk of the Money-Order j Dopt. at the post office in Alton, nis., Mr. J. B. Kulm, suiïered for some time with Indigestión and all lts accompanying evlls- a headache, loss of appetlte and despondency, and was surely becoming a hypochondriac He commenced the use of Hamburg Dropt and Is now well and strong agaln. ANOTiiBRof the popular errors to be corrected is that the African Sahara Is a great desert. O the contrary, it is now pronounced a eultivated country, frultful as the garden of Kilen. All that is now wanted Is proof that Ieeland is a tropic country, and that the Rocky Mountains are below the sea level, in order to coiiTince the averag. Citizen that the time he spent in studying georaphy in his youth was fooled away.- Jioston rost. ["Valparaíso (fnd.) Messeneer.! A n Indiana MMr(iinnn Experlence. One of the lluest kennels in thls country, añil the purest iu the West, is owned by Mr. W. II. Holablrd, the Sportsman' Clothier, of Valparaíso, Indiana. He says: "VVeuseSL Jacobs OU in our family In preference to all other llniments; I have also tried it in my kennel with wonderful resulta." " How to Pay Church Debts" I the tltle of a new book. If the .ame met.hods can be made to succesbfully applr to other debls .it will have a lare a&le.-IlíHn-Mphia Ntvn. Mrs. Parttniftou Saya Don't take any ol the quack rostrums, as they are regimental to the humas datera; but put your trust iu Hop Bitters, whleh will cure general dllapldatioir, costive habita and all comic dlseases. They savcl Isaac from a severe extact of tripoa fever. They are the neplus iiiiuui of medicines. -Boston tílobe. Pires Ín tlie mountatns near Uklah, Cal., drove the snakes from their retreat, and many rattlcsnakes were killed In the streets of the city. - - - , Hn. General Sherman Saya: "I have frequently imrcliased Du ratití's Rheumatic. Kemcdv íor friends sufferlog with rheUDiatism and in every instance it worked likc mag,c.M It wül cure when ! tliíi,' clse falla. ikAA by al! dnifru'ists. Wrlte for40 paire pamphlet to K. K. Helphenstine, Druggist, Washington, D. C. H. B. Brtajit's Chlcaeo Business College is -lie of the Bolld iiistitutionBOf Chícalo, and alïords the best introduction to business Ufe. Write for catalogue. Every Farmer and Teamster should know that Frazi-r Axle Orease cures sore uecks and acratches on horsus. Buv it anywhere. Reddixo'íi Rtjssii Sai.vb, the most woniierful hcalin.u' medium iu the world. Frlce 25c. ■y- mi im tSES i RE1!Ioí:DY . lL'iiiiiiii!i!llll!!t RHEUMATISM, P i NEURALGIA, llillliiilililll J SC.AT.CA, I Hl! !!l!!mlHl LUMBAGO, fM J111"1"1! BACKACHE, liiiiillllllmijj SORENESS !i (Illlilllllllllllllllll) CHEST, lillilllillllllH11""""""""1111! I SORETHROAT, iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii QUINSY lhl „„i SWELLINQS Llllllllülllill.. sprTtns Iflí"1"""" H 1 FROSTED FEET Illill!llllllllllllta11, burkts lllillllIJPil CJ2:Dmt' ■liy rr lililí' i HEADACHE W á' ftLL DTHER PAINS No Preparatie on earth cquala St. Jacobs Oil m a íAr, StJRK, simi'i.k aiiíl OHEÁP KxCt'riiM RemedY. A triftl entail but th eomjiwativdy trillingmitlay of ísoCents. and everv one iüffering with paln can have cheap and positive proof of iUclumi. DIBEÍTKIXS IN KI.F.YKS LISGCiOES. SOLO BV ALL DRUQOISTS AND DEALEIS IN MEDICINE. A. VOGELER & CO. Italtlmore, 3td., V. 8. Ju Forthe Cureof Cougii . Colds. Hoarseness, Asrhma, ; Bronchtila, Croun, Intlucnia, wi pUigCoogb,Inoiplenl Consumptl Se. Prleo only "- ecnn nDottlc-, HOJLIX'S TRI1JMPH! MRS. LYDI& E. PINKHAM, OF LYNN, MASS, DISCOTBRER 1)F LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S VEGETABLE COMPOITND. Tho I'ositivfí Cnre for all thoao Palnful Complnlntt and WeakneMM ■orummon toourbvtvt IVoiulo populatlon. It will cure entircly the worst forra of Fcmale Complalntp, all ovarían trtmbles, Inllamniatíon and Ulceration, Falling and Displnccmonti, and the consequent Splnal Weaknra, and Ís paxticul&rly adapted to th Chantre of Life. It will dis.iol vo and expel tumors f rom the utorus Ín an early stage of deTolopment. Th tendeney to cancerous humorsthereii checked veryspeediljby its use. It removes f aintncBs, flatulcncy, deatroyaall cniTinff forstimulants, and relieves weaknces oí tho stomoch. It curea Bloatlng, Ileadachen, Nervous lYostratlon, General DebUlty, Sleeplussnoea, Depresaion and Indigestión. That feellng of bearlnp: down, canaingr pain, welrht and baclcache, 1 alwavs jtormancntly cured by its use. It wíll at all times and under 11 circu matonees act in liannonv with lans that govern the feinalo System. Forthe cureof Kidnoy Complainta of either sex thi Gompound is unsurjuuiscd. LYDIA E. l'I.NKHAM'fl VEGETABLE COMPOUXD ú prepared at 233 and 835 Western Avenue, Lynn, Mass. Price tl. Slx bottlet for $1. Sent by mail in the fonn of pills, al3o In the f orm of lozenges, on recoipt of price, $1 per box for either Mr. Pinkham freelyanswers all letten of lnquiry. Send for , let. Address as above. Mrntion this Paper. Kofaraily shonld be without LYDIA E. I'ISKHAM'3 LIVER PILLS. They euro conotipation, bülousneis and torpidity of tho Itvcr. 2S cents per box. BOLDBT MOREISON, PLUMMER & CO., ChicagoIll. TTnirn i i wiix mail a copt op L U L L 1 MY '%Ew oit H Kn n ! " Medical Common Senae," X J-LJ-l-LJ ■ FKF.K, to nny piTKon who wtll ■nMHblM scml his ttnd poctofllco addreu %-?1,fflrSW.rfgí(S-.Tnifl-rtiKSp ASTIIM A. CATilBH. KOlltTHROAT, or HKOXCHITI. ;lic informatliinln Unsrli'ganl volume Is of pivnt Vftlue; and. In ihr provldonce of od. tías savrft m:uiv us.-ful livrs. Addiviis DR. N. B. WuI.r'E. 14 Smlth St.. Clnclnnttl. O. Elegant iü Artistic Chrono Business Cirds : In 's Df .i.. zcn ■ Kiyics. Price a coma per ■et snnt ditress, W. Jenkisos DïMOBIST, ITEM Mi h si.. New Ynrk-. IiriVfllIin KIHvkI and cured by Dr. J. A. li I I ! I H !(, Siir:n.M.V ii.e;lil. with,. uMlie lu111 I rlllllïfur irOMm InlUot! Bend 10c. tor I book Iliaatnilliig lind ciu ' forc ud itwouf. SM BruoUwuj, Síw ïulK. UinucU OlUce. SU Looi. M. GRpFOfffRG I VjüJelfliXÏr Mildest ever known, curo '%MËffiSSÊSC MALARIAL DISEASES. LinHSBFá HEADACHE, QILIOUSjáSf NESS, INDICESTION and TPtiCLg Tone up the system and restore health to Ihose suffenng from general debilitv and nervousness. Sold by all Drupgists. CS Conté cer Box. RAILROADGAZETTE. A JOURNAL OF TRANSPORTATION. Engineering and Railroad News. Publlshoil I j:s Hroadnay. Npw York. V4.3O per nniuim- ptjtire free. THE GEEAT_lB!?XIira JOBS ! RICHARDSON'S HEW METHOL For the Pianoforte. BY NATHAN RICHARDSON. PRICE $3.25. tT ts 9BNEBAUT CONCEDED THAT TTm IS THR MOST PERFECT, AS WELL AS TUK MnST 8DCCE88FUL P1AX'Fuki EIN'STKUI FIOS BOOK EVBR PUBLI8HBD HAVJNG HEEN MANY TIMES BEVISED, IT I.V BE CONSIDERED As ENTIUKI.V riIKK Ft!()M EBKORS. II V IN'ii BÉEÏT KI ;■!■: IKUI.V CNLAKOBD, IT IS REMAKKABLY FULI, AND CuMl-LLTE. MANT THOUSAXDS UF lEACHERfi nAVE I'SED THE Kook Wil rEATls; AN'I) BTILt OOKTINÜE TO IJ.SE IT. AS THE IIEsr. SAI. ES ARK CONsr.ixi, and vi:i:v LARQE kkh.vrusis XETT MF.TIIOI FOR THE PIAXOPORTE IS THE TITIE. OUDER IT BT THE WIUH.E Tril.E. AND ACCEPT NO OTHER HixiK. SINCfc THIS IS THE ORIGINAL AND j TRÜE "RICIIAUDSilN." SOLD BT ALL THE PItIXCIPAL MHSIC DEAiEIÏS AND BOOKSELLEB8 OF THE ÜNITKD STATES AND CANADA. MAILED, POST-FREE, FOR S3.SS. LYON & HEALY, Chicago, III. OLIVER DITSOH & CO., Boston. ■ípfey 'i ■ i Plea8e write for jSR Siífi i our Price List, ty&ir7f sent free to any tfá í Xr ad(ll!e8s. Conf& -i í3n ta'ns Pr'ces ant' íle" fml lPlffil scriptions of all goods lüfyW 'n 9eneral use em áilifMl-W bracing Dry Goods, PJBtffljEi Clothing, Boots, Shoes, f Harness, Saddles. ■BBl Gun8, Sewing MachW Bfl Musical InstruBf ceries, etc. Samples f j i of any class ot dry {'■ifT ! good3furnished.Noöfi ',0 í'jf "igations to buy. The msrican Popular Dictioaary, $1 Only. "" Thls ust'ful and elerrT ïf--h rni viltimeisa com.vir "tfi3 piéteLibraiyand EaBHji 'VcVmvlia,as wll as M thebi-st DictlonjtfT n M Ihe wurlfl - snperbly H OUt ft Múriiú Mm VHw RH tfwrfo ! AvffaA !- MffiWffl : ii-crfit'. rprlüfíf ISWHMMËn „flB nrialion. ftnda, riri'L!M:';i ''■S&stfSSÍ w1 'ÏmI'l'S1 ñ i Rkfi rsnck. VebTi nirtionary EJtVt ,A oorti $9.00, and th ■ :- au Popu 1 ar ■BBH S I .CO. "Vorth tcii he money. "- ■#&L2SSaB háve'nerpr'eeen it rmff2SÊ equal, eit her in price. Hp finish or rontciits. " m-+- - Chris. Adi-t-tir. ' 'A perfect Dictionarv and I.lbranr of Reference. "- rfi't JflN-r Avie. N. Y. 0n eopj of the Anu-riean I'opul&r Dictfoiiftr-y ninstrated, tne ere1 emd best book ever pubUaned, poatpald. tip nny addrens on roreipt of only % . ry Kntirenatisl'aotirtn (rñarnntevi. Two copies postpaid tor $2, A GRAND HoLIUAY PRESENT. UrUr at pmc This off?l flfOOd for WdilVS nnly -i"'' itif iftitr (ipprnr nrain. copies -sold Intwo months! Addjees U. C. DEAN, Publisher. H Metropolitan Rloek, ClllOftgO, III. TUTT'S PILLS 8YMPTOMS OF A TORPID LIVER. Loss oí Appetittí, iiowels costiye. Pain in the tiend, withadull sonsation in the back part. Pain under the ahouldei blade, fullnesB after eatiiiK, with a disinolination to exertion of body or mind, Irritability of temper, Low sDirits, with a feelingoi aaving neglected sptne duty, Weariness, Dizziness, i'luttering at the Heart, l)ots before tho eyes, Yellow Skin, Headacho generally over the right eye, Restlessnesa withfltful dre:iiiis. hiuhly colorefi Urine & CONSTIPATION. TUTT'S PiLLS ar p4rlAlly adnnifl to surh cae, . Kltigle losr ciTcciM urh a rlians ot teeliiiK nu to asiiuii!i tli Miitl'r4r. 80LD EVEHYWHKKK, VlllCK S5 GEN'TS. OrriCK, Murmv Street. Xrw Vorlt. eFOR THE HAIR. BURNETT'S )AINE THE BEST KAIB DBESSIN&. f BURNETT'S (OCOAINE L Promotes the Growth , S of the Hair. BeautifuUy Ilhimlnated Klorul Hum! iïook free. Send rtilii-ssli. JOS. BURNETT ■■ CO . Hort ,n, Maiw. m Ovor I.OOO.OOO Acres of Chotee FanninK Lundí AIIIM in tlio Xear West lUWdfnrmQ For sale liy Hie wu I lowaR.R. Land Co. I II Bil Cndar Raplds, Iowa. ■ ■rm ■ ■ ■ ■ Bruuch Office 9ü Randolph St., Chicago, Ills. .; Kvr.s ! llore i vont iaii.ii MIE : "HT r TTÖT t fAfn amono the i DlCrCrlHü1 ÜULJÜ rockies. By u l'. s. Mlm'i-al Sarveyor. i eniiftc di-iicrlpiiori of eteiy pnrr ol rh gvcnt e('iï tind BllvtT tlt'hls. Th pr ;n!T: Wbere thi'.v llrul 1U howth-v tinil tt. llnw rhiy iiitlif Ir. Bxottlü adventure of wild Camp Life. suranis flilcd wlth Flsli. ForeMl Ulied wlth Game. Monntslot nili'd irtthBIlvor ftiul Gold. For drcnlarfl nd Npfflnl oxirn Irrmi, UUBBAKD BROS., Chicago. 1 inosi iool in wurld; it proi buui'. mnscle, bram, teetb. &c., aiul [n very way pretrui and derelupt Ihc growlng cliild. rUn uIllLUntn ■ xm. wcu-known ■ Illntnl-tl IWiignrln win cnn-r on ! 15h Imr In 1HH1. SIM V.-nrln Advaneo. S-iil Tor 'o. nnd I'i-.-ntliim l.Ut. M)M SiiliicrllK'ra lect i-ilrll Nm. by Ifursery Publishini; Company Boston, Mass. i rirn wp í,mí kbï gË A lUAwlf sHB.ds? Il K KIS UI a Bonöi il II llVfllK ■.,,!..: .-..e.-i, Chkago. 111. I 3 THE ONLY MEDICI WEB IN KITI1KR I.l()i:il) UU DRY l'OItil N ÍM Tliat Acts at the Smiic Timo on 5 The Liver, y The Bowels, jj M and the Kidneys. T WÊ These erreat orftans are thp natural cIHniprs w! ■ 1 of the syrtera. Ifthey woi k wc, lu-alth wui be LJ ■. ii tii.-y li-.ome clugijed druuxlíul ■ J etwes are oure t iolluw with BV H TERRIBLE SUFFERING. 'S liilioumett, Heatlaclie, Dytptpsla, Jaundlce, ■ H CoristiixtlUm, Piles, h'íi y Contfiainii, F fl Grar. i '. Jjinheler , RuumatícPalnior AcAtt. M IJ are ilcvcloped becauHetheMot)l ispoiwoned witü ■■ mM the huiriurs thatwhinild bc cxji'llcu naturally. I SKIDNEY-WORTWiLyisi2LEU (■ the htalthy action and all tlioso destroying bS ■ 1 l)V''f1 W'U "e haiil.shodi ueglect themaud jou H IJ wili live but to suil'rr. ■ ■ TtKiiiuanf1fi have been curcd. Try lt and yon I ■ will ad'i mie more to the numbor. Take it &ud Ê 5 li cal tli Tnll once more gladden your hoart. H Why tuffir loDpfr frotn th lurniriu of-m neltifif liíífl 1 PJ KlDNKT-WoRTwülcurftyou. Try itatonreand T] M bo ttutL-lleii. Yourtiniffk') 1 r - #1.00. I W lyithputup in Dry Vejro tullir Forra, In ■■ I fcVtin cana one package of wliifh inukes ix ■■ 1 WquartJi of medicine. I tïT. ' in LIquIA Form, vcry Cnnoentratd VI 3 tVfor the convenience of tbose vho cannot n tyreadlly prepare lt. -Tí oííí w-ïift. eqitat ■ IJ tyejTIcíCny n frfhír fnrm. II "VKlÏ.s""rICAUDSON A 00., Prop's; U M fWülscnflthcdrypost-pald.) BI'RM?T(iN, TT. P -=MRS. POTTS'zCölfl-HanÉSilroi FOR SALE BY THE HARDWARE TRADE. ONE MAN CAN DO THE WORK SAWING MACHINE. Airead y tricd and tested by tliouanI or Üsnacn, who prniiounire It "tbe l -sí. ;mple8t, antl cheJipest rnacliiiio ever oflVrtMl." WeiKhsonlr 45 Ibs. complete. ■rl'' SI !.'►. Bblpped propaid. -■ -..- ■ T'-ri 1 1' ' r fur eXClUSÍVC s;ilf, free. llRFRAi TFRlK Sh-'"'l f(r descrlpttve circular and LIBtHAL ItKMS t(,stjmnil,als, A(i,,, TO ADENTS. J. K. 8n E PAR II n., ■ 1 l.%í(;ntraj Ave., Cincinoatl.O. 11 Walnut atroet, t. Luuib. Mu. NEW CHAMPION SHOT GUN. RcUU Price. - PUÍB BrrÏB, 12 bor#, f 14.00: Ft! B Burtii. lubort. $16X0; Twift BsrrK 12 txr. ?'" I Twl Barrel?, in bor. $18.00. Tb finn ftoJ irlmnr.nfiof U ihM rim ir Nickel Flattd. Tliu rn jraaewi nni taTimtgei nn 4y ingU li(fh.]o.liin c:n priu.-.! In thi couDtry. It h% pBUBl Biie-(ni(i iction wiiíi a fctttj n.-hm-nt. hj mem of wt :t cfc b optoeJ ooLy ben tb pun tl t half-cock, tbuj ;.:. ftj ik kflmc. Th workmiailiit nd lofciiri.ü twd r flrt-citi; o gu bini Ulovcd to ',ev tbr farbtj unil it hu baan Ibaruug); r.i otd. We ike icrt plemirt in oHenut tlin Qft to u pul Ik mI bfl iit to ■kt il il tb bit Amirtoo Suiil Brob-La4cr jet ir. Ji:c4. Sto4 ■Uur (r HluitrkWil f'tli-iir i! (híh. HiflM, RY.jlttr;. od 81ttf#. AddtM JOHN f. LOVtLL & S0N8, Guo Dekten, Ustua, Mtlfc 27Ö0Ö" PIANOS" AND ORGANÍ" Sent on t vla] and rot urnt-d at our M ■XI nBe if nu: as representad. fl Vp Prli-'s u:ir;intceil bJBOB er than elscwhere. Are ■QIIBBm Camp ríanos and LSn9Hl Kan, and Gen. Agcnts KffSQHBaHir for DecktT Hrviilit-rs, B SwBBr r Halncs and Mathuslnk wU&U ÊT PttinH Ksd-y Orgaus. Wi4EBkB "' - r" STOIiY A CAMP. LS8 & 190 ■Pg -" Statt; riLrüet, Utiicajo, lil. pENTOp la Best and Fastest Selling piCTGEIAL BOOKS and BÏBLES. I Prlcca reduccd 3S iwr cont. Address K ATIOKAK X ft Itl,ISIIl; OJIl'AN'lf.PiniiuU.lpUia.i'a.. Chic&o, í 11., or tót. IjOuíb, Ma P" [ipVflBOOKCANVÁS il I I ' boUcU subscríptioju Ín Ij N v.-ry City. Town and VIIt-Class, Old-Éstabüshid, M(tiii. y m.kmííi.m:. Ad'irs. for partlctdare, TTAT.DEX JAMES. Slallon I). Xi York. BEFORE BUYING OR RENTING AN Sfnd for our I.ATEST Ii.lcstrateu Catai.ouï (3Ï pp. 4to), witli nwinimil, M ■"! "'I imwurd: or ti. :i8jür quurtfr, and un. Sentiré?. MAoN í I1AMI iv OROAN CO,,lMTremoni St, BOSTOS I" Kast 14lh St., NKW YORK; U'J Wabasb Ave.. CU. CAGO. APOTFWANTED fl I Til 11 I II Everywliw to .!] ro HotflD, J.1U J-IJLI X tJ Fámulas and LargH Connumera, tl C - ..-i'.V. OOI-D MAXIIARIS TKA,wliii-li. Puritï and Flavor, has not iis qLml la Amrfc! AddreMorcMllon C. JEVN'E, vh..l-]j Grocer. HO 4 11 Mndlson St.. Clilcaico. fCnotl.W for packages, wlth fullexplaamllonaadoutnt. TT4 O- Cholccstln thcworld- Importcrs' prlce I Ia A X - Largi'st Coinpany tn Aim-rica -staple I knwutlclê- phsaeê cvoryboay- Tnulo contfnuallv !ncre:isliiK- AK' n;s wantt-a evcijwher - bosi .ion t wum mm- snid íor Circular. BOBT WELLS, 43 Vescy St. . X. ï. T. O. iiox 1287. lliü UQiliüU OyOl R,,nd ,o M. u. Chapinnn. Sccretarv etc .St. JosepU. Mo.. ftr IllustraU'd i'ainphlet, d.M-riMng thecflebrated "Pljtte Porchte" of Northwcít Missouri andlhe city of St. Joieph. Malled rll. nn Tfl Xli-H.IKSTainl lti:sr lili II OrtJooie & UU I U AddressU. UAYLliS, Dubuiiu. lowa. AJi:"N'rSc-cinmoney with "Ijfe and Tril vel lOrnerl "Orant." Sfnd for descrtin I ve circular. Addrcss Chase l'ub'ng Co. , Toledo. O. ifO Crt A MONTH ! AGEJfTS WANTKBt Tl 75Ui.-stSi-lüngArtlcleslntheworld;asara4)0 O U,,i? r„. JAI kko.vso.-. Detroit, Mloh. MÏÏ?!P PCTP R.ndaddress and 5c. stamp for 8Octj. nUUiU tnuk wnrthnf rmuli-and catalogue, f8H4O Í? "c"i. Wm H. Bukur&Cq.. uuaCheBtaut SU.Phlla. nrPA Bend for Fhee Sample Copt of the KrrA WKEKI.Ï IH'.E JOURAJL AGI'XT WAXTtD fnr tilt! Belt nrt FatetSelllng Plctorlal li.M.ks and IilWe. Prk-"s n'duced BS per cent. National PuUlsnlDg Cü., Chicago, lii. nnillll Horphlne ■!.■.! In 10 fD]Hj IoJII,I;i.,. ,..:it lili urril. Ui lUlfl lm. J. biüi-HKN.s. Ibanon. onlo. HEW A6ENTS 600DS 'fraaaifr ÍC 1. tOfi perdayathome. Samples worth$ tb 0 1U tn AdilrfsaartNaON ItCo.. PortUnd. ita. A _ --jíX'rS cures al! your Corm and Biinlons. O Áddrfs Olivbr Bliss, M.D., Wllmlnjfton. Del. ■IIICIO At Hai.fTrick. Catalogue free. HlUOlu HknuvCouk. TaMllkSt. Hos un. Maas. C 170 A WEEK. $12 a day at home easily made. J)i L Costlj oulttt frea Addrs Truo &Oo, August. Mo. ff Dü A WEEK In yourow town. Terms and JDDöouUltfrB& AdilrsU-UallottíiCo. Portland.láe rilUC Rovolvcrs. Illus. Catalogue free. UU HO (in-at Wintcni Citm Worlu. Plttsburgl). Pa. A. N. K. K' 7"T"-!:■ trniTixa to advebtisebb, pírate muy yon mam Ote Jilrcrtúfuiml íf tMm paper. ;


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