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Shuffle. All eyes dart to me. That was too loud-way too loud. It resonates in my ears and I know it does the same in others too. I can see from the rabid fear in their eyes. 

Thud. All eyes dart to the boy next to me. He fainted. No one goes to help him. The substitute slinks further back into the corner. Poor thing, she didn’t sign up for this. 

Clink. All eyes dart to the wall. The silver, conical balls invite themselves in through a small crack. Our eyes trace the satirical metals rolling in. one. two. three. fo-

Creak. All eyes dart to the door. Everything happens in slow motion: the pushing, the screaming, the running, the panting, the crying, the “i love you” texts to parents. No one makes it out; the boy next to me doesn’t even get to try. 

Now, there’s silence.


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