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Fifth Avenue Press Book Release Reception: AADL's Local Publishing Imprint


Sunday May 22, 2022: 1:00pm to 3:00pm  Add to Calendar /   Add to Google Calendar


Downtown Library: 1st Floor Lobby


The Ann Arbor District Library is pleased to announce the release of ten new literary works from our Fifth Avenue Press imprint! Our local authors have something to offer for a variety of readers! 

Join us to hear readings and meet our authors in our first celebration since 2019. Buy their books, get them signed, and support your local writing community!

The titles we are celebrating this spring are:

Four books for children: 

Moon Berry Pie by James Barbatano with illustrations by Douglas Bosley: A friendly witch travels to the moon to search for a special fruit in order to bake a special pie.

My Daddy's Not Like Other Daddies by Ryden Allen with illustrations by Victor Martins: This warm picture books celebrates the close bond between a child and their transmasculine father - who also gave birth to them.

Grandpa Cai And His Garden by Sam Ankenbauer, Alex Jiahong Lu & illustrated by Jenny Kalejs. Grandpa Cai and His Garden is the sweet picture book about a grandfather's journey, accompanied by his faithful dog, to grow vegetables in his garden and then use them in a dinner for special company - his grandchildren! Told in both English and Chinese, Grandpa Cai and His Garden emphasizes the importance of nature and family.

Maribel the Bat by Brad and Kristin Northrop: In this gorgeous picture book take a nighttime journey through the world of art as Maribel the Bat uses her imagination to explore her surroundings. Each encounter with a place or an animal is interpreted using a different art style. 

One book for teens:

Center-Mid by Jeff Kass: Center-Mid is the story of uncompromising young women who play field hockey as hard as they can and, whether they're dealing with family problems, relationship issues or challenges at school, won’t let anything distract them from their goals.

Five books for adults:

Watching by Charles Taylor: A mystery about Detroit detectives and former lovers George Eaton and Karla Bassett who have always stuck with low-risk cases until a new clients asks them to investigate a murder and suddenly, everyone from a local crime boss to the police poses a deadly threat!

Dali/Dalai by Richard Solomon: Using surreal, monolithic poems about nine Salvador Dali paintings as guide-posts, this collection of poetry moves from the dream world through progressive inquire to the spiritual. 

Bring Your Words: A Writers' Community Anthology by Kathryn Orwig Et al: Ten authors present essays, short stories and poetry. Wherever the ideas came from, penned and morphed into shape, they’ve found a home here.

What are you Looking At? by Erin Wakeland: This unique book details four social experiments: mending and returning red solo cups from a fraternity’s yard, hanging a banner hand stitched with “You Have Everything You Need” in places of commerce, placing postcards in public places with a prompt to be returned to me, and en plein air painting in the Meijer Superstore.

Accidental Engineer: A Sixty-Year Trek Through Technology and Beyond by Dean Douthat: The following are stories of an accidental engineer’s encounters with real engineers and engineering.

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Fifth Avenue Press Book Release Reception