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Caged. Boxed in.

What was my sin

White men still prosper off my ancestors' backs

Just because we were born black

I am stuck in poverty 

Trust me it isn’t where you want to be


My mom working as hard as she can 

So poor she doesn’t have a game plan

My dad ran off when I was two

It blindsided my mom

Came out of the blue


Caged. Boxed in.

What was my sin

My mom works 3 jobs 

One of them as a side chick

One time and they drop her quick

Raised in the hood 

None of us have it good


I want it better 

Get me some dough and some cheddar

Still suffering centuries later

I can’t just accept it I yearn for something greater

I have to trust in my creator 

God is the only thing that gives me hope

The only way I can cope


Caged. Boxed in.

What was my sin

I want a better life for my whole family

When you are in the trenches you can’t think selfishly

Getting out just doesn’t seem real 

I’m more worried about getting a meal

Black people are limited to being rappers

Unless they are ballers


I want a life of prosperity

A nice house for my family

I want to be a lawyer

To help people in need 

Save them from racism and greed  

Lives are at stake

These people on the streets act real, but they fake


Caged. Boxed in.

What was my sin

I’m surrounded by gang violence

I’m forced into silence

Too scared to call the cops

 ’Cause they ain’t right

They would arrest me think’ I’m in on the fight


I can’t breathe

The way they treated him makes me seethe

Then how they lost his case is a big disgrace

I can’t believe how little we’ve improved

One system after another we’ve barely moved


Caged. Boxed in.

What was my sin

I look for a better future for blacks 

Progress has sort of stopped in its tracks

We’ve been trying to climb out with little hope

But we fall back down it is a slippery slope

People should stop caring about melanin 

Nobody should care about the color of your skin


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