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Bright Nights Community Forum | Structural Racism and Mental Health in our Community on AADL.TV


Thursday December 17, 2020: 7:00pm to 8:30pm




With all that is happening in 2020, there is a lot to pay attention to. But the current pandemic has drawn attention to what public health experts have been saying for years – that structural racism is a public health crisis.

We know from decades of research that increasing access to mental and physical health services dramatically improves public health. But what if how we do our work or where we build our clinics prevent folks from accessing the care they need? Can we build on the current push to dismantle structural racism and increase access to mental health services, increase the number of providers who actually look like the community they serve, and increase the health system’s awareness of how important a person’s cultural identity and experience is when it comes to finding and utilizing care?

Clinical social workers Syma Khan and David Fulkerson discuss the relationship between structural racism and mental health in our community, and provide guidance for citizens who want to enact change.

Panelists include:

Syma Khan, LMSW, MPH . Clinical Social Worker

David J. Fulkerson, LMSW. Clinical Social Worker

This event is in partnership with the University of Michigan Depression Center.

This video premieres on AADL.TV.