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Real Estate Transfers

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The followiug are the transfers öf real estáte for the week ending Wednesdaj', Dec. 7. WARKASTÏ DEEDS. Elizabeth Seckenger to Frank Rooney, property in Ann Arbor, $100. Francis imd M. Hooaey to Elizabeth Seckenger, lots 1 and 2 C'owan's secuud addition, Manchester, $250. 11. Kempf to Jacob Scbumacher, proper, y in the village of Chelsea, $100. Susau Chandler to Nelson Boolh, equft] individual onehalf of the Chandler house, Ann Arbor, $20,000. Beuj. E. Williams to Webster Williams land iii sec :G Ypsilanti, $000. Geo. W. Slayton to Geo. ThompsoD, property in STpsilanli, $-',000. Nelson Uooth to Win. Burke, property iu Ann Arbor, $12,400. Nelson Booth to Busao Chaadler, :00 acres sec :) Pittstickl, $211,000. Win. Burke lo Nelson Booth, 820 acres sec :i Pittstiild. $211,000. Emily E. Fellows and Laeeli M. Case to Leonard J. Herman, land in sec 17 and l( Manchester, $1141,82. Laura S. Egbeit to Frederick Findbeinder, 80 acres sec 1!, Saline, f:i,000. l'airick lloy to Thos. Chambcr.ain, 10 acres sec 21, Webster, $.")00. Jíoncoe P. Copeland to lOniily Buikhardt, properiy iu the village of Dexter, $800. Geo. and Bsmuel H. Hogers to Win, Rqgera, 15 en sec 9, Augusta, $200. Jno. F. Llsworth to l'atrick 11. OBrian land in sec H5 Augusta, $000. Cyrus E. l'erkius to Geo. O. Ide, property in Auu Arbor, $100. C. Bohuct to F. E. Buvs, 2(1 acres sec :(, Lodi, $1,000. J. Geo. Zahn to J. Geo. Zutin, 159acrei sec 30 and l'J Lodi, $4,500. Win. E. Parker to Wm. Brown, 80 acres sec 'M, Superior, $2,J20. Pbilo E. Galpiu lo Wm. E, Parker, 98 acres sec 21 Auu Arbor, $4,740. jC.IT-( LAl.M HlDS. l'ctcf Guinau to Gco. S. Jcwttt, 1.30 acre sec 'J aud 10 Dexter, fO.-XH). Michael Guinau to Geo. S. Jewctt, 170 ncre sec 'J aud 10, Dextcr. 7,00(). John Miiolu to Adam M.ieglc, land iu sec. 10 Superior, 1Frauk McCouncll to Libbie BuKlian, 80 acres sec 7, Dexler aud 80 acres sec li Lyudoii, i500. Geo. W. (Jook to (Jlias. Kitson, properly iu Aun .Vrbor íf.0. The weli known firm of James i McCleery, grauite dealers of Ihis city, have crectedthe past season for David llcnniiig one of the fiuest grauitc monument to be found anywhere in the statt'. The monument is placed in Foreat Hill Cemetcry and stands 32 feel high. The base of the monument is 8 feet square and alone weighs over 10 tons. So great is the total weight that m excavation was made in the ground to the dtpth of 10 feet and is fillcd with polul masonry. There are three bases to the monument. On lUe third is the fnacription in handsome letters " Hennlng." Above this is a large dieblock on which is the inscription "Ju lia, wife of David Henning." This is ugaiu surmounted by acap, die-lilock and columns, with a cross at the lap. The monument cost $fi,000, and its weight is pounda. Miss Chloe niark w dead. l'aralysls was thc causo. Mis. J. H. Davia had a tumor removed frmn hcr neek yrsterilay. .Mis. SI. Qrossman wlio fel 1 uu Üie ice Tuesday evening, lias slnce died. Dr. Jackson stoppod i runaway liorse in front of A. Gwiner'a saloon Siindi}'. The presldent's mcssag in to-daya paper, a ohlefly remarknble for ts greal teugUi. TheBaptial churcb is lo boheated wiih sieain. W. E. Walker is eiigiiged iu setling the boiler in the basement oí the building, and wlien the steam heattog apparatus is Bnlabed, the churcb wili be plastored. The State hortieultural society has boen holding a very interesUng session al the oourt-house thi week. A Dttmber of vcry intcrcslinj and iustructive papers were read and there was a lint display of fruil i on exhlbltlon. The society elocted the followiug offleers yeaterday : Presideat, T. T. Lyon, South Haven ; Becretary, ('. W. Garfleld, (rand : Treasurer, S. M. Pearseall, Grand Rápida. The following jurors for the ncxl term of court commoncing the fourth Monday ïu JaQuary, were drawn Tuesday. Tlios. Taylor, E. Terbnuo, A. Baldwin, Jno. Allen, Kiank Uoward, .1. IJ. Dow, Ann Albor city ; Herman Vcddcr, Jno. ilarkham, Augusta: Simón Angleinire. ('. Bower, Bridge water; L. liabbilt, Dextur; L. llaab, Frccdom; ('. Cuslunau, Lima; I'. Mum, Lodi;F. Howlett, Lyndnn; F. Kurfess. .Manchester; 1'. Mclnivrc, N'orthfield; V. II. liaudall, Pittsfleld ; .1. Laraway, Salem; K. Dcpuy, Saline; öeo Feldkamp, Sharon; I). Almindinger, j Scio; T. '. Quackcnbusb, Superior; 0. [. Wincs, Sylvan; W. Blodgett, Webster; J. l). Poreeytb, York; E, King, Ypxilanti lown; Holt. Ciutis, O. K. Thompsou, Vpsilanti city; ('. Tuomey, Ann Albor town.