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There is uüthiug so encouraging to the proprietor of a great modern journal as to be abletomake improveinents on his orgaD. Ai te mus Ward tells a good story about a visit he made tothesauctumof the Bungtown Bugle, and the interesting interview lie had with the editor. The editor was preparing his leading editorial, which he read over to Artemus. It was to the effect that "we have just had some extensive repairs made to our sink. A new bottom has been placed in it at immense expense, in which cwo holes have been bored, through which the water passes into the entirely new bucket below. What has the hell-hound of the Gazette to say to tuis V We shall continue to make improvements as great and exhaustivo as our rapidly increasing circulation willjustify. We have also about closed a contract for uo purchase of a new paste-pot." It was the same editor of the Bugle who got out an extra with big ines announcing: "The course of the Bugle indorsed by the people. One more subscnber yesterday." The same paper also claimed that il lad trebled its ciroulation, which was a, fact, f or at the time it had tluee subscribers instead of one, the number it starled out with. The minute lines and furrows uo persons' hands are likely to receive a ïar more usef ui attention than the observation of the great lines by fortune:ellers. There is reason to believe tluit the spiral whorls on the thumb ind tinger points are peculiar to individuáis and races, and may bñ as certainly used to deüne the ethnological class for positivo identiflcation of tho being possessing them as the measui e-, ments of the skull or the examination of a photograph would be. Dr. Henry Faulds of Tuskiji Hospital, Tokio, Japan, in an interesting, but someLimes illogical and confused letter in thu Nature, directs aitention to this subject in a way which will, however, uttractthe notice oi naturalists and students of the theory of developtnent and heredity. The value of well-based rules of haadmarks in judicial inquines can hardly be over-estimated' Experimenta in feeding cavalvy horses on dried flesh meal have latei y been made in Germany, wlth satisfactory resulta. Chloride ui iotassium, and the phosphates of potassium and magnesium, are mixed with the meal in small proportions, to premote the digestión oí' albunrinous substance. The hoises thus fed soon showed a rnarked improvement in general condition and appetite. If you want to mak up for loatttme bu.v another watsh.


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