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Hogs On A Drunk

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The Alta California tells this story of the Golden State: All the hogs and pigs in Joseph Perrih'a ranch, four mile.i beiow town, went on a pig bender on Wödnesday, which happened in this wise : Several casks oí native wine had been placed outside oi the house and facing the barn-yard, and it is supposed that some of the hogs in rubbing against one of the casks knocked out the spigot and caused the contente to run out. The wine formed a pool in a depression iü the ground, and around it all the hogs, little and big. about the premises, lo the nuaiber of about thirty. congregated and drank their fül.and before any person about the place, was aware as to what had happened, all the porkers were drunk, and going through tiie queerest antica imaginable. Some were trisky a;id t'ull of play, others belligerant and Kwaggeiing around hunting up flghts;8ome raaundering around in au imbecile way, walking in a cork screw style, and tuntblüig pvei the least obstruction that lay in tlieir patli, while severtil of the lurger liogs, hat liad managed to get on the heaviest loads, wei e drunk and incapable of motioii. Tiiose who saw tliis queer performance say thaL it was the most upt illustration of the saying, "drunk as a hog," that they ever witnessert while the inebriates acted wonderful !y like liumans in a similar state oi d bauch. The hogs were all "blim; drunk" before they eould drink up al) the wine, and the balance of the grape juice was turned hito a temperance beerage by turning i stream of vvater on it. The hogs were uil blear-eyed and stupid the next day, and from their action seemed to say that thelr "hair pulled drèadfnlly."


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