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Paris Thieves

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The immber oi burglaries and attacks upo the person that have taken place within the last few weeks in Paris has been so unica on the increase that it has sttracted the attention of the authorities. The Prefect of Pólice is said to have determined upon the closing of all houses i or the sale of drink an hour sooner than at present, in the hope of tlius curtiiiling the rnidnight wanderinga of the Paria vagabonds. ïhere is no douDt that the worst characters In Paria have reeen tly attained a degree of boldness to which the capital lias long been a stranger. Theiv in theoutskirtsof the city places .liere they cku hide with remarkable impunity, justas they used to do in the old chalk quarries of the now charming park of Les Buttes Chauniont. A descent was made a few uiihts ag on what are known as the American qUítiries by a large band of pólice armed ith revolvers a,v long pointed iticUs, so as to enable them to probe all the inmost recesses, and thns force ;uy onein hiding to surrender himself Tke ïesult was satisfactory, at leasl thirty of the scurn of Paris, many of whora had been "wanted1" lor a considerable time having been capture) The Interior of these burro wings had been müch used by mushroom growers for the production of tbespawn, auc tlnis a soft, if not a clean, had was found ready madeby those who sought shelteï Í Ia-re. The Prefect has orgauized a forcé to explore every nook and corner in the city which has a bad reputation. The sao is not burning out. After the lapse of thousand of years we tiiive the most, incontrovertible evldt nee 1 liat the Hghtot' to-ilay is 110 less brilliant now tban it was when man walked amid tlie groves of Eden. We may venture f urther back into the arcana of time, and say that the sun of the past summer has shone with splendor pqual to the radiant power which myriadb of ages ere yet man appeared on this planet, stimulated the growth of thoae luxuriant fore.sts which perished to form those vast beds from which we derive our coal. "I heard you were down with the rheumatism," exclaimed Mra. Smith. "So did I," said Harry gleef ully ; "hut rumor 't i, m'm."


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