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ME NOTICË ! DONT BUY .V DOLLAR'8 WORTH OP OOODS BEFORE 8EEI1TO MY STOCK AND PRICES. A FULL LINE IN Every Department. Men's, Youths', And Boys' GLOTHING Gans aiifl FimiisMi Goöfls. JOE T. JACOBS, " The Clothier. Ann Arbor. 'KENDALi:sl% [srwincuêeM KENDALL'SSPAVINCURE. The most successful Remedyever dlBooTered, oh it is certain in lts eftects and does not Mister. Read Proof Below. PRESEVERANCE WILL TELL. Btoughton, Mass., March 16th, lKSfl. B J. Kendaia. & Oo.. Gknts;- In justice to yon andmyself, I think I ought to let you know that I have removed two bone spavins with "Kendall s Siutvin Uure." one very large one; don't know how long the spavin had been there. I have owned the liorse eifcht months. It took me rour inontlis to tak the lanje one off and two for the snmll one. 1 liave used ten bottles. The taorse Is entirelyweU, not at all stift, and no hunch to le Been Öï feit. Thisis a wonderfnl medicine. It is a n.u tuin)? here; but if it does for all what it DM done for me its sale will be very p-ent. Keiectfully youre.C'HAS. E. I'arkkr. Kendall's Spavin Ci'RK i uure in its effect, mild in it action as it does not blister, yet it is pc net rating and powerful to reaeh every deep seated iin or to remove any bony growth r ether enlaritement suoh as spavins, sphnts, euros lallons. sin-ains. swelliiiRs, any lanumess and all enlarirenients of the joints or limhs, or rhenmiitirtm in man aüd for any jmrpose for which a liniment is nsed for man or beast. It is now Icnown tobe the best liniment for man ever used, actiug mild and yet certainin its effects. Send adilreas for Illustrated Circular which we think gives positive proof of tavirtues. No reinedy has ever met with suoh unqualifled success po niir knnwledge. for brast as well a man. Prirejl perbottle, or slx bottles for 15. All Droguista have It orean get il for you, or it wiU be sent to any address on recelpt of price by the Iroprietors. DR. B. J. KENDALL CO., Enosburgh Kall, Vermont. SOLD BY ALL :DRUGGISTS PHILIP WINECAR TUSTICE OFTHEPKACE, room No. I, Opera fj House Bloek, Aun Arbor, Michigan. h7r. hill A TTORNEY AT LAW. olllce No. 3, Opera 1 House Bloek. Ann Arbor. Michigan. THOS. DALE, the Professional Dyer and Clothes Cleaner.thirü iloor senil li of the Opera House. Samples of vork can be neen at the shop. Satisfaetion guaranteed. CEO. A. BOYLAN, HOUSE, SION and Ornamental Palnter. Shop tinder the Star Olothing House. Orders '.'t at C. Boylan's will be proniptly attendedto. JOSEPH CLINTON, Merohant Tailor. shop over Wm. Allaby's lKiot and shoe store, All work guaranteed or 110 charge. Sam. B. Revenaugh, Is now taking the Best dm oí PWotíis In the City at Prices to Suit the Times, Ground Floor Qftllery. GOODRICH BLOCK, East Side of the NEW COUBT HOUSE. T IT .A-GhIIN"Thomas Matthews -HAS OPENEDIIIS MEAT MARK ET ON ANN STREET, Opposite the courthouse, where FRF.S1I and SALT Meats of the BEST QUALITY can he procured. THOS. MATTHKWS. VEGETABLE BALSAM1C Sri I V I Dl Is a sure cure for Cough, Cold.-, Dj Whooping-Cough, and all LungB Diseases, wheii taken in teason. H People die of consumptiot. B l_v because Of neglect, when the Ij timely use of this remed wouldS have cured them at once. Fifty-one years ot a ■buit use pruveb Uu. fact lliat no S cough remed l.a. stood the test H like Oou u' M.IÍXÍV. J I"rice 3Sc. tw M ii.nti pel lioltlo. Furl. Krwywül. B Dr.Baxter's Mandrakei Will cure Jaundice, Dyspepsia. S Liver Coniphunts, Indigestión, and all dieas-s arising from iousneso. Priic S cts Per bottle. ij Foi Stilt Kerywhprv IIKMI1 ói JOHMtHPI ÁRNICA AND OIL LINIMBNTI Tor .tlitii anti Beast. The most perfect liniment ever ■ compounded. Pricf -5c. and 50c. H For Rmywhara. i WILLIAM I1ERZ, TTOUSE, 8IÖN, ORNAMENTAL and Fresco JLLPainter. PaperinfCi GHaring, Gilding, Cal1 clminlngand work of evcry deseription done in the best Btyle.and warranted to give satisfae tiltil ShopNo. t West Washington Street. Ann Ar bor, Michigan. HARNESS STORE 1 Chas. F. Burkhardt, snrressor to the 'late J. O. Burkliardt, dealer iu HARNESSES, TRUNKS, VALICES, WHIPS, BRUSHE5, BLANKETS, ETC. HARNESSES MADE TO ORDER AND REPAIRIXG NEATLY DONE Cliarles F. Burkhardt, No 4, Hurón Street, A nn Arbor Michigan. "DOG ON THE "DOG ON THB OLD HAT." OLD HAT." A. A. TERRY, A. A. TESE7, HAT8 HAT8 ANN ARBOB, ANN ARBOR MICH. MICH. FOR INSURANCE ON YOUR PROPERTY GO TO C. H. MILLEN, HVSURAIVCK AGENT, No. 4, South Main Street, ANN ARBOK, - - MICHIGAN. The oldest aenoy in the city. Established a quarter of a century ago. Representing the folowíiik flrst class companies: Home Insurance Co..ofN. Y. .Assetsover $6,000, 000 Continental Ins. Co.,of N. Y.,Assetsover$3.000,tnO N tuteara Fire Ins. Co., N. Y Assets 81, 412,400 OirardcfPa Assets over $1,000,000 Oriënt of Hartfoni, ... Assers $700,000 A. T E S LO W. Losses liberally adjusteíl and promptly pald BEEffS IS A THOROUCH REMEDY [n ever] caae "f Malaria! Fever or Fever and Agüe while f or disorders of the Stomaeh, TorjSlty of ihf Liver. Indigestión and disturbance if tlie animal forees. wnich debilítate, it lia no equivalent, and can have no substituto. It should iot be oonfounded with trituratedeompounds of ■heap spirits mul cssential olls, ofteu sold under name "f Bittere. FOK SALE BY Druggists, Grocers, and Wlne Merchante everjwhere.


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