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A Swindle

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The tax-payers of Michigan are swindlcd thousandsof dollars every year by the publicaüon of joint docuraeuts, etc. Of course it is a big thing for the state printer who has the job of printing these books. There is to-day piled up in nearly every offioe in this state volumes of public doeunieuts that are never looked into. They would probably bring two cents a pound for paper rags, a great reduction in piice frora first cost,- but that'snothing, for the people are obliged to stand it. Well may the question be asked, "How long, oh Lord, howlong?" As we passed through the probate of fice last tíaturday, we saw lying on the judge's desk a letter written to the secretary of state. Bemg on the out for something we made a copy of the letter, and have no doubt Judge Harriman will be suiprised to see it iii print. Ank Arbor. Micii, Dec. 10,1880. Iion. Wm. Jenney, Secretury of" State. Dear Sir: - Your note informing me that I can nnd in the county clerk's ofüce three vols. of Joint Documents of the Legislature of 1879 for my official library is at liand. Accept my heartfelt thanks for these invaluable volumes. I shall advise the Board of Supervisors to deposit these books in a glass case - hermetieaily sealed - as we would preserve an ancient manuscript of the new testament, so that the tax-payers of the county can be assured against any possibility of their loss or decay. Please convey my thanks to the State printer for the chaste and elegant style in which he has got up ihese volumes. ƒ don't see how he can afford to do it. By the way I have a friend, a large tax-payer, who would like toget a volume of the statutesoi 1879, of course they are not as valuable and poetical as these "Joint Documenta" "Journals," &c, which he can procure for nothing, still the statutes may be convenieut for light reading and he would like tokuow justhowmuch money he will h:ive to "fork over" to procure (hem. Yours Respectfully, W. D. Harrimak. The Michigan state horticultural society passed the following at the close of their meeting here last week: During this tenth annual coavention of the Michigan state horticultural society we have been so hospitably entertained, our wents unticipated and so thoroughly provided for, even beyond the expectatious ihat were raised by the cordial invitation to hold our sessions here, and we are placed under obligations to mauy peoyle and friends, that it is difflcult to mentionthïm in detail with any assurance that none shall be left out. We will name, however, the offlcers and membera of the Washtonaw county pomological society, and the citizens of Ann Arbor generally for their courteous treatment and hospitable entertainment on this occasion; the ladies and gentlemen, who, by their delightful music have added so materially to the pleasure of oui meeting; the local committees having in charge the management of the meeting; the officials who have grauted us the use of the commodious audience room and other comforts connected witli the sessions; the Professors of the state university, agricultural college and normal school, who have furnished usthe admirable addresses for our instruction and entertainment; to actihg president Frieze for his kind invitatiou to visit the university, and for his politeness in showing us through the buildings of the various departmeuts; to the offlcers of the past year, who have devoted much of their time to the advancement and interest of the society and its objects, and especially to our worthy President and efficiënt Secretary, whose ineessant labora have become a part of the history of this society, and, in fact, of the horticulture of the country. In acknowledgment of the kindly offices thus rendered; therefore, be it Resolved, That the sincere thanks of the state horticultural society be tendered to each and all of the above mentioned, and that the same become a part of the records of this society.


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