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The Irish question U eausing a división in he British cabinet. Mr. UliulHtoiif is advised lv his physician to withdraw trom the house of commons, and it s nut improbable tbat he may accept a peeras and enter the house of lords. The greater part of the village of Flascb, valej of Kngadiue, Swltzerland, is burned. The city of Buenos ÁyreB has been selected as the capital of the Argentino republic At the Omagh, Iroland, assizes a farmer was sentenced to 20 years penal serritude for firin at his lamllord. It is stateil in Paris that R. W. Thompson, secretary of the uavy of the United States, lias jeen iuformally otfered the chairmanship of the American Panama canal company. The subscriptions in Europe to the Panama ■anal company aniount to more than doublé hc amoiint of sbares allotted. At Arendal, Norway, a fire desfcroyed the .iost office and 18 houses. The British admiralty have decided to abolisb iogging in the navy. The British government has ordered accomniodations for 160 60ldlers to be prepared at Ballini, Irelaud. where a lady land owner was recently niobbed and assaulted on the street. At the Cork assizes the grand jury found truc bilis against Healy and Walsh for intimidating a farmer naxied Manning. The coroner's jury returned a verdict of wiJlful murder agaiust Gfaham, who sliot the bailiff ncar Cookstown. The (loveruor-iieneral of Canada, in hts speech at the opening of parliament, congratulated the country on the bountiful hanest and return of commercial prosperity, and mi-iitioned that the contract for the construction and operatiou of the Canada Vacific railway bad been made with men of high financial standing in Europe, the ünited States and Canada. The message was principally devoted to mattere of local interest. The appliofttions for the Panama canal shares in Enrope tender necessary a reductiou of the ülliitinenl to one-third of the demands. If the Cnited States will cousent to reduce tlie duties on Cuban sugar aad Spanish fruit Spain will reduce autics on Auiericau cereals and iiour. The critica! nature of the Irinh situation increases. A Dublin correspondent of the Times represent that the "laud league govorianent" has more power in mnny parts of Ireland than the imperial governmeut itself ; that u lias set u p its o wn courts, levies its own taxes, r.nd can, when it pleases, organize its own army. The cabinet are divided upon the questiou of adopting coercive mensures. President Diaz of Mexico, remains in the cabinet of bis successor as minister of public works, 1d order to complete his policy of admiuistration iu regard to iuternal improvemente. Baron de Friedland and his wife have been arrested in Paris. The lattcr, who is a daughter of duke de Persigny, granddaugliter of princess de la Moscowa, and dOQghter of the ex-empress Eugenie, is charged with forgine her grandmother's signature to acceptauces amountisig; to 1ÍIS.0O0 francs. Intclligonce from Irishtown, Ireland, near Clare Morris, the scène of a serious disturba nee a few days since, states that a f urther riotons demoustration occurred thcre. A farmer had made an arrangement to take possessiou of a farm f rom which the fornier tenant had heen evicted. Hearing tliat he had actuaUy occupled the place a nioh froin the surrounding country collected and proceedod to the farm to eject liiiu. In attempting ti forcé an entrance the uiob wer fired upon hy the coustabulary and many of them wouuded. A. nurober of arreste were made. The Irish land league has issued a manifestó which states tliat when the outlines of the promised land bill are made public by the government a special meeting of the league will be iminediaiely held for the purpose of discussing the measure and pronouncing as to it worth. If necessary a grand national cooveation of land leagues' delégales will Uien he suuimoued, in order to make the national annoimcenient of the settlement which the league demauds. The manifestó coudemns the outrages and sending of threatening letters as harmful to the cause of the league. It declares tliat if the traversora are conricted all vacancies in the executive of the league will be filled uutil the traversers are able to resume their positiona. Another explosión and fire has oceurred at the Stellarton, N. S. ooal mine and a laige body of minere are piobably thrown out of work for the wiutr.


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