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Familiar.--at A Ball A Young

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cal student, soinewhatot a spendthrift, carne suddenly faceto face with a dear, kind, fatker-looking gentleman, with white liair, and of highly respectable appearaace. They both stood transBxed. The samo idea fliislied across bothof them. "Your face is familiar to me,very familiar, but I can't remr where we have met so of ten." However, the friendly interest was carried out. They shook hands warmly, parteok of a friendly glass, and departed, stil! ignorant of each other's name and occupation. But the young was determlned togolve the pro1 lein, and he soized ou a waiter, md s:iid to him. "Teil me, waiter, who is tliat distinguised stranger with the long white hair?"' And thu waiter whispered slowly : "Please, sir, th&t's the pawnbroker." Minnesota thievcs hire (lie lest hoisea they can lind iit the liveiy stables, with a driver, to tal.c them ;t distance of fifty to a hundced m Vwa the journey has been made thej leave the driver securely bouiid in the woods and g off with the horses, baring gained the advantage of aloug start in case of puruuit.


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