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The New York Iferald of ractnt ate pttblishe'd the names of 206 aniul- that tro'ted in 2:30 or better uring the season of 1880. In presentng these munes that journal says: THe trotting statistics of 1880 deminsti ate tiiat ;il nu petiod in the history f the turf have such momentous events transpired as during the season now virtualy ended, and this marked ind niuid advaiicement is the more urprising wlien we bear in mind the short period tiiat bas elapsed since the rotter became an institution of the country- so short that maiiv uei'üons. -till comparaüvely youtig in years, san remember Mie time when what is nuw an every day oceurrence was considcred soaiething phenonienal. Stimulated by the large amounts of money paid for a superior roadster by i McJDonald.a Yanderbilt and a Honii r, capital, brains and energy were enlisted in the enterprise of improvDg the American trotter, and the 'esult is shown in the list we print jelow. But, however gratifying the resul t and rich the barvest, there are mdicationa that poiiit to a still more Qrilliant future, for with two-year-olds trottmg in 2:25 and six-year-olds in ■j:I', wlio can uieasure the speed of the "coming trotter?" In tiie tables appended are the aames of -it animáis that trotted in 2 :30 or better during 1S80, of which K!4 did so lor the lirst time, wbile 72 reduced the records rmide previous to thia year, and the remaining 6ü only equalled, or did not succeed in lo wering the time they had already accomplished. First and foremost of theui all is the phenomenal youug trotter Mand S. that, in her first season, has eclipsed all previous performances and been crowned 'Queen of the Turf.' It is but tliree years since tliat the little cbestnut stallion Ilaniiis was considered a wonderful equine because as a 'green' liorse he had trotted in 2:19%, the lirst instance lliat 2 :2iJ had been beaten under like circumstances; but here we have a mare two years younger Iban he was it the time act.ually trottlng nine secjnds faster. Nor need tbe comparison end here, ïor wefind Uiat Hattie Woodvvard.a ytar younger than was Hannis hen lie accompusnea lus tnen naarvelloua feat, in her first season has scored a tnüe in four and a quarter ads quicker time. And to go still further we Bee Trinket, three years youiigfithan was ELannis, eclipsing bis time on a balf-mile track. Such deeds and astonishing feats of precocious youngstera that have recently been chronicled from California, lead us tu tiiin!; tUat the inile in two mihuu ;. all ënthusiastic horseinen hope for is not Boverj distant, and that perhaps in that far-off State of 'great passibilittes' a future king may even novv lip. iiihalinfi; tlie invigorating air from ihe placid Pacific. ín the accompanylng list are many animáis wliicli we sliould like to mention in detail, but space forbids, and wo must let the Bgurea spe;tk for tliem. Twcnlj -three have trotted in 2:20 or better, all but thiee of which lowered their records, the exceptions being Hopeful, Darby and Santa Claus. The lasi two Bucceeded in duplicating the tiuu' they made in 1879, as did also Doty, Voltaire, Post Boy, Nellic h-win. Ella Earl, Wagner's Bashaw and John li. A significant fa türeöi the list is the DLumbec of young animáis to be found in it, California alne furniahingseven that are four-year-olds or under. CHICAGO IIOKS1S. The Chicago Times poinls with pride Lo the list oí Chicago horses that have made therosélvea famous and their uwnera wealthy and says: What three cities can put together sucli i list of track hort es as thisï Sornil Dan, 2:14; Hopeful, 2:14%; Charlie Ford, -2:16%; Monroe Cbief, 2:l8JÍ; Bonesetter, 2:191.4 ; Littl Brown Jug, ■:ii%; Yoltaire, ■- Ptedmont, 2:2i&; siiverton, 2:22 Toiu Maid, 2:23 ; Dictator, 4-yearold record of 2:80; and a dozen otbers wk records bettei than 2:30. llopei't:l i put down among the horses owned in Chicago, for the doublé reason that lie is .liiiteriughere and that hiaowner has interests in this city which will probably tead to liis permanent residence in tlie Garden City. Furthemioie, ni oonsidering thislist, thefact ehould ir a Into consideratíon that, outside ot Hopeful and Charlie Ford, the records are no measure of the respective ability o!' the horses baving them. Dan Mace thinks Sorrel Dan the ir.stest livü'se in the world, and is willing ger Bumething that he wlll pace in 2 :08 next season ; Mouroe Chiel" is a borse of grand possibillities ; Bonesetter can do bis niile nm stconds Letter than liis record, and it is anopen secrft amonr horsemen that Piedmont can go in 2:ltí, orthereabouts. Under such circumstances it is notas topishing that Chicago should be able to give the best trotting meeting in the country.


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