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rhe lutest a'.ogue issued by Mr. Quaritch, the London bookseller. imlicates th;it he s tho -possi'ssor of perhapa the richest collectiou oí illuminated manuscript vci offered at one time by a single dealer, 't in eludes specimens of every century frota the rilnth to the sixteenth, inclusive, and representa an nut monetary value of about 000. The MSS. are nearly all of a levötional character, and sume were executed for crowned beads and ploua woinen of rank. Thegemof the collection ia John Lydgate's "lioke of the Sege of Troy," exeuuted by the author liiinself. It, coiituins beveuty largé miniatures, and can be purcliased for 88,600; A cojiy of Wvcliffs New Testament wrltten about A. D. 1890, and one of tho seventten genuiue mus in, s offered for $5,000. -N.n EvangelÍ8tárium, written about A. 1). 870 for Citarles the B M, [3 valued at the samo amouiit. Of stil! greater valué is a copy of Beatus' "Couimentary on the Apocalypse," about A. D. 1150, and declared ty eminent biblio)oli-s to be tbeftnêatMS. of thetwelfth ientury in existenee. The price is 8,000. Lorenzo de Medici's Prayer Book, in exquiöite M. on velluni oï the best eriod of Italian art, executed about . 1. 1470 for LiOienzo or Giuüano de Medici, is offered at the moderate sum 100. There are nuinerous Othei MS. in the collection, w ith prices affix 1 fco them vaiying from 8500 to $2,oOO.


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