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A Sharp Bargain

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Galveston boasts of the smartest horse-tradei in ïexaa. A purehasei' fr a borse that he was trying to sell could perceive no defect in tlie animal but stil! he did not care to buy. Ho said to the seller: "The borse seems all right, but he inay have sonie defect 1 can't perceive." ïhe seller, who was standing at tlia head of the animal, replied: "I stand Let ween you aud any dainage.' The buyer thought this was snflicient guaran tee, so he closed the sale. Next day he came around raving. The sel 1er vas as cálm as a May moining. The irate purchaser said: "I want my money back. You guaraiitced the borse sound, and I Qnd hu is blind in one eye. You promised to make good any defect there was ftbout the norse." "1 did notliing of the kind. Ii you take me for a fooi you are mistaken. It must have been somebody else." "VVhat did you teil me when I said the horse iuight have some defect I didn't perceive?" "1 toid you I would stand between you and anv daniage; and so I did. 1 stood between you and the damaged. eye of the horse, and perhaps that wasthe reason you didn't see it. I gut on tiie blind side of the borse I sold," "Yes," responded the disconsolate purchaser, "jou eot on mv blind side.


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