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Balky Houses

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A. Canada paper gives room to the following curious mode of dealing witli a ba'ky horse: I would prepare myself with a good strap- I w;it no whip; perhaps heLas got a good taste of that already, anti still he is inasier. But some fine day vvhen 1 was at peace with myself and au around, I would hitch him to the buggy, turning his head to the village. He goes half the way very well indeed ; then hebegins to consider that he has jone far enough in that direction, and stops. I step down; he expects me to usethewhip; he is mistaken. As a criminal, 1 treat bim on the silent system. I push him back a little out of the way. 1 show him the strap. putting ft up to his nose. 1 go to the off side and buckle it to his fore leg, close up to his breast, throwing the other end over his shoulder; I tlien raise his near foot and h'x it with the hoof most touchmg the belly. This done. I siiy, 'NTow old chap, you just stand there." I don't sinoke, so 1 take a paper from my pocket, and finding a l'lace wliere I can sit down, and he see me, I begin to read. This is something he did not bargain for, and the novel ty of standing on three legs somewhat diverts his mind Irom the cause tliat stopped him. I think that i3 the chief p int gained, and the most humane. When the strap is taken olï I show it to him, caress him a little, and we move on without irritation. The strap will now become a part of the hamess fur a month or two, till at last the sight of it will act as a talisman.


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