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Site Of The Fair Of 1883

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The Executive Committee of tlie World's Fair of 1883 have at length agreed upon Inwood as a site. The tractselected liej in tlie extreme northern pait of New York city, eleven miles lïom the City Hall, and has a uiile iïontage on liroadway or King's Bridge Iioad, and a mile frontage on IJarlem lliver. It contaiiis $60 acres, the iree use of which the owners have oflered to give to the Commission for the puiposes of the Fair. The ground is already served with gas and Crotón water, and is level or gently undulating. The water along the Harleoi front is from 18 to 30 feet deep at low tide. Tliere is also an adiiiiiab:e water front along the Hudson river, which is sepai ated from the Fair site by a ridge. in which is a convenitntdepression for a railway for passenger and freight. The least distance to the Hudson, vvhere abundant docking piivüegehas üeen secured, is 1,400 feet, a d the exhibita from íoreign parts can be landed at lnwood pier, within a half mile of the grounds. The only objection to the site is in itsdisiauce from ihe lower part of the city. The means of access to it, however, are the best. lts drives are park roads. The old track of the Iludsun River Railroad passes one side, the new track lies just across ihe Harlem. It is nearer than any other site propos3d to all the öther railroads" tributary to Kew York except the Long Island Kailroad. The Western lmes teiminating at Jersey city can delivt-r theïr passengere at the grounda by means of ierryboats. All the elevated roads can readily be called into requisition in carrying passengers, and the facititlea for water transit and the accommodatiou of shipping are abundant. Tne ground is amile, nalurally diained, and weil suited to the aeeds of the fair; and the location is one of the most beautif ui in New York. It has many historie associations, the site being bouudcd on theeast by llarlem Biver and heights, on the soutk by Port George, formerly Fort Clear View; on the Southwest and went by l'orts Washington, Nelson, and Tryoti, and on llie north bv lnwood Ilill.


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