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Brunkenness is spreading so mucli in Geiwany that a uew measure for jts puniBhment and prevention is hvingprepaied for preseatation to the Imperial Parliameut. !-ix rei uUblegirlg, ranging from 17 lo 20 years of age, eiijíaged in adeapwate .streel figlit al East Boston, and wei e all arrested. Tlie report describes Miss Oowky, who wasoneof the vanquislied, as appeaiing in court in u st.vlibh black velvet costuuie, witli baned hair anü eyes. New York and Wisconsin produce tlie greater part of the Limburger cheese manufactured in this country, wliich amounts to tliousands of tons. It custs Jess than half the price üf llie, mported article, anl is more proritable than any other cheese, because inoie weight is obtained iïom a given quantity of niilk, aud better priees reuiized. Some tar is kept hot in a kettle on the Corumon at Aleeker, Alinn., theresiilents taking turna at watehing the tire. 'J he tar is to be used on a man who is t,ff on a wedding tour wiih bis mece, ïf he proves bold enough to return. A convict was taken beforethe mayor of Bordpaux to be manied. He wore handcuffs and liad for groomsmen three policenien, but was permitted to doff for the nonce prison attiie. Iiis motlier anJ sisters were present. Tlie happy pair were permitted to be together alone for just üve minutes. A man at Greenville, S. C, marie reckless by drink, made a wager that he could ride his lior.-e across a rail rot d track, several liundred yards distant, ahead ut' an approaehing train. Southern locomotivea are proverbially slow, but this one beat the horse, and the Jiiler was killed. Two physicians in a Toledo murder trial were askeu whether the wounds, which they had already described, were the cause of death. They ref used to ansvver, on the ground that such would be expert testimony, for which they would receive no compensation Judge lionse sustained them.


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