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Dr. Tanner is not at all certain that he will go to Europe at the beginniue of the new year. His negotiations vvitli the English Lecture Bureau are broken off, and his challenge to fast iu London with flve others has not bet-.n nceived witli the enthusiasm that he txpected. ]n his negotiations with the London lecture agents. Dr. ïanner nuticeü that there was a marked ignorance as to the correct tiuancial results ot his last in this country. ïlie doctor sent them a statement prepared by himself, with the view of eorrecting sonie of their mistaken notions. Ile wrote that the euclosed were true statements as to the amount of money received by him. Wlnle he would, he addcd, be most happy to rnake the showing of the English press correct, he was afraid that no such amount could be realized. He pleaded great iguorance of the English public, and asked the agents, as tbey had tle facls now before tliem, not to blamn him should the speculation be a pruliLleiss one. Ile desii ed that ihe lectuie pee ple should irisure him against loss. ïfo answer has been received from them. The doctor says that there is slill a belirf on the other side that Lis fatt lias been flnancially prcfi'able. He nüid he read the other daj in mu Euglish paper that his share of tLe reeeipts ol i lie fast was $40,000, Ahú lht S140,000 was taken at the dooi-. Tha doctor is leminded in man? other ways of the belief in Europe that a s-mall fortune has been realized iiora liis great feat. Beggiug letters hiin every day trom ïeinote corners of Europe asking Ihat ha will give tlie vvriiers somepsftt "f the vast sums lie has neeived. He now has no doubt that lus lame is cosmopoliaa. A Frenchman wrote from Lyons tbathehad prayed fuithfully for the ïaster'a success in hia great trial, mul. vvith a candor all his ovvii, he hintte! that it was his prayers that had eaused the doctor's great financia! success. lhe writer thought it on!y fair, consequehtly, that the doctor shoukl ge iiin some part of the vast sum he had so easily gained thrcugh bia prayerul inteioession. A:i Englishnian wrote that Jie would thank the doctoi ;o forwaid hini some'of the money he got froni his fast, and the "widow of an English clergyinan" makes known her stad distiess. She sas that she has six daughters, of whom live have been ■ducated. The slxth she now wishes to seiid to a seminar?, but the death of her husband and the consequent of maiutaining her children unaidtd prevents it. Would notthekind doctor furuish the necessaiy fiiuds? riie doctor has received nearly a tlionsand letters in all, the greater part of ihem btaaing Euiopean posunarks.


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