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The great glapicr v. iiicli ives rise to He Z.nalslian Kuvr in Central Asia as deert i-xplnixl and n-cently de'-ribHri l, M,. Mnl,keiof, a llussian eo ogii-t. It is uiteen miles long and a mile wide. Xwopi.uits believed to be new 10 ■icieuce liave been discovered in Central Australia by Mr. Vesey Brown The one yields a small black pea. rowing in poda and ai e edible, the Jtlier is asmall natire cucumber. H is knawr. a.5 a faet in geoiogy that Ijtlow the dM,th of tliirty feet the earlli becomes ivgularly waimer as we tfescend. Ou an average the inciease is at the rate of one degree of Fahrenheit lor every flfvy fett, In his new scirntiiic treatise on island life, Mr. Alfred R. Wallace, the raineni Eiiglifch naturalist, esiiniates the period emüraelng the iurmation of all ihei'ossil-l earing rock.s, since the Cambriaii, at twemy-eight millioiis of yeara. Jt is a noticeable f act that the animáis oiiginally foundin America were nut so )aieuir so strung as those oï tlie Old Woild. Ilorsea wt-re oiiginitlly impurttd hither froin the eastern coniiiient, tlKJiigli ïiow runuing vild in neaily all of itspaits. A journey across África from srn'h to ïiuiili is tu he uiidertaken by Dr Emil Holubof Prague, u, lcr the uspices of the Vir in Geoj aphical Sooibty. He thiuka he can iraveie the coKtiueut kugtLwiwj in three yeais. One of the most delicate instruments knowa to science is Ei s m's tasimeater, or heat uieasuie. ïne rapid passage of the hand btfore it, at adistance of thnty-four feet, causes a deflection of the ueedle of two bundred degrees. Mr. Beeman of Chester, N. Y., is building as a memorial to bis ife, (laughter, and granddaugiter, a magnificentgranite and mai ble mausoleum at Outtingsville, Vt., wlnch is to cost over $00.000, even tliing being of the best workmanship and moít enduring materials, the bronze djor alone COStin 5,000. When potatoes are frozen the amount of sugar they contain is doubled, the slarcli under-going a corresponding diniinution, while part of the protein pastes fi-om the coagulable into the soluble fnrm. Duriug the process of rotting the potato loses liaif its nitroKeneous conatituents auü the whole of the sugar. A Germán named Rubner has been ma.xing sume interestiiig experimenta to determine what proportiuns of the several ingredients of various fooda are absorbed Ib the body. It' was found that wich carrots and potatoes no less than 39 per cent, passed through the body, leaving 61 per"cent. to be íetained. Itwasproved that far more of flesh ia retained than any other food. An invention which will considerably influence architecture and sculpture has just been madeby Dr. Gehring, by means of an enamelling liquid, he rendéis any kind of stone or cement barder than granite, and gives it the absolute and indelible appearance of any other mineral that can be desired. The enamel may also be applied to metal, which it is said to completelv protect ïrum rust. Since the beginning of the sixteenth ceniury niore than Suu 000 acres have been won fiom the water in Holland, and reclamation still gees on at the rate of. about eight aci es a day. Since 1850, the Late of Haarlem has been cunverted into a región of farms and villages, nnd the pumpingout of the Zu} der Zee, now to be done, will surpass in magnitude all previons endeavors, and give fresh force to Zeeland's motto. Luctor et emergo.


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