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Trade In Wild Game

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Nearly every commission house in the cily handles wild game. ïhis is either sold to city game-houses or shipped to tlie East. A rough estímate of the extent of the trde in the city for tlie past year places the total amount of tiansactions in wild game at $1,000,000. This ñas been an extraordinarily favorable year for thistrade '1 he early snow is a good thing for the limitéis and the snow hao been much nnire heavy throughout the State than ui St. Louis. The cold weather haa úeen very gooü tor the game trade. Dualers liave had no trouble in keeping the game and the los has been less than ever before known by spoiliüg of meats. One house in this city bas airead y exponed for the Lond.i, market 1,400 dozen quails, 1,400 dozen prahio cliickens and 500 dozen v. ïld tuikeys and tliey have an order on hand lor 2,000 wild tuikeys for the Liverpool lioliday trade, and are accuü?ulutiiig the uuniber rapidly preparatory to shipmeiit. In slnpping these birds are packed in barrels, closely, and in that shape sent act oss the watei. A r.tA has been obtained, by express oí' $7 35 per barrel. On shipboard this íieight ia pi ven in charge of the slewaid, who receives a small gratuity for lookintr alter the perishable bárrela. Last season the leatling St Louis txporter did nut lose a single bird in transit. Jn one eveninjr, not long ago, lie shiped ÜO.üOO pouiids of fíame by express íor the Eughsh markets. There is more Missouri vension this yeai in market than ever before known. It is on account of the eaily and heavy snow So great has been tlie rush that the markets were entirely broken down and uothing but the cold weather saved the dealers and shippers from a heavy loss. The house of Y W. Judy&Co have been receivingfor some time past 5,000 or G 0U0 pounds of venison daily it is all from this b ate, and comes via the IronMountain and the Atlantic k racinc rauroads. Deer are verv plenl v and so it seeius are the hunters. la the market the carciseea are stacked up like cord wood, and those who like vension steak wijl never have a better opportunlty to satisfy their longiugs than at present. Some bear meat comes to the mark et, mostly or entire] v (rum Arkansas. It is in demaud and brings a high price for holiday trade. Differing iroiu other varietiea of sume there bits been no glut this season of bearmeat. The antelopes come from tho far West, the borders of Kansas and Colorido. There will be a consignment today of flfty autelopea arriving In town. rhe demaud for antelope is light, although Easteni liotels and restaurants want a hmited supply. No bufïalo meat Las arnved here thus fr f.h present season.-


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