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Rev. Dr. Chapin, One Of The Most

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qiicni divines n the country is rtcnd. Ilic mili tax levied by eily f New Orleans, has been dccUInd by the aupreme courl collecllble. ■ - m li v staleti on reliablc anthorUy thal the Hon. Jas. I' Wllson ot iowa, is to '■ ihc coming secretar? of the treaBury. CongressnMtn Newberry i mentioncd in connectlon wllh h eabiuel positlon. VVby should nol Michigan be represenled? Tliey aie hitving a scrious lime in Inland growing om of the land troubles. Trade is paralyüed nd tlio end is nol yet. An old devil nained Josepli Snydpr, ■ wftslynched in Bethlehcm, Fa.. last Monrtay, fr the rauMer of Jasob Qogel and wifc. Kx-Cov. SCOtt, wbO BhOl and killed R 5'oüDg man named Drury, was formerly acarpel bas goveraor of Sonth CaroliiiR. lic waa i republlcan ol coursc The opera house waê well warmed lasi evcninir and wlll be again to-nlgbt, on Whlch occasion Ilie Alice Oales -oinic opera company wlll give anoiheT enlerment. A nnmber of prominent demócrata n congrese are opposed to counting Ihe i-leciorai vote of Georgia, as tlie elución dtd not meet on the day perscribud by constitution. Qenerxl ürd nuwes the impreáBÍon thal he has been sacrificed (o make room for i;.iK-ral Bhennan's nephew. The giay haired vderan gloriOUS rt'cord. bil! he Bhould remembet thal ibis is o land of progresa, when the old men are oaturslly expecied lo gei ut of the way of the youoger. We do nol live n Bnsland, where the country a run by octogenarans. Tbe New York Tribune tbus speaks of Gen. (Iranís presen I outlook: "WHli a modesl private incoine, a promise of n Curistmas gifi of a quarter of a iniliiou, n fair prospect of tbe life-salary of ;i general on the retired llsl and, the presidency of tlic Nicaragua canal company beid oul to liim. (ion. Granl inay (el Ihat, f I premisos are as ;od as cash, be is in tolqrably independen! circumsrtance. " Gen. Qraol loday bas an income of scTen tbonsand dollars a year, and it a nationtl scandal Uiat lic should pennll liis rriencls to be passine the bat for ■ tions, and urging congress to billet bim upon the country as a pcnsioüer de did hisdiity in thcarmv, as thousamïa and tens of thoiisanda of olber oföcers and piivateddid. Huis in the prime of lifc, in good healtb and circuinslances, and tbere is ii" rcason why he should be pen sioned, which wlll not equally apply lo every offleet and soldier who did tbeir duiy. Gen. Grani haaalready bad bonors and wealth beaped upon bh, and Mis longer appearancc in the role of lluRtriou8 mendicanl wili nol adel lo his diaiiiiy or honor. The tronidos of the Euglisu riluaiisls are the natural outgrowtb t cbureb es lablUliments. Years ago. before the . conformista bad attained their present growth anti ntluence in Englaud, the ! labiishment used the machinery of Ibe i state to penecute those outside íts palo. a part}' inside the ehurch eraploy the same meane to annoy a more feeble party within tha told. In Ibe present cases the usc of eertain ceremonies and j vcstincnts liy tlie Revs. Dale and Enrigbl have been deelared by the court of Arches in violfttion of law, and for poi - sistent emplnyment of the same the offendi ii lí clergymen huve been clapped in prison until such time as tbey Bhall purgc themselves of eontempt. Meauwhile the ritualistic churches are offering up j rent prayera for the constancy of their j persecuted brethren, aud a strong feelinjf j of sympathy is being awakened for the nmr.yr divines. The ultímate restlll of the wholc unfortunate business is llkely to be the building up of a party witliin the e&tsbHshfd cliurcb, wbtch by nnion with the Don conformista, will iiiMst on disestiiblishment. - Omaha Tlv.c. The Barry County Dcmocrat well says: The opinión seems to prevail nmongtbe menibers of congress that the linie of the presem aeseion should be dovoted entirel_v in business, and tliat all needful legia lation sbould in' accomplisbed pievluus to the 4th of March o as to render an extra session unnceessary. Nobofly wants an extra BCSsion i'xcept a few lean and hungry republican patriota wbo are ' anxious for a chance to grasp at the few nfflees that the next house of représenlai i ves will have to dea! out. The temper of the country undonbtedlj1 8 (hal conjrc.-- conflue iteelf strictly to the appropriaUoo bilis and legislation that is needful al lilis time and avoid political bunnombe and post presidcntial stump npeecfles, Doubtless, someof the sli men have large quantities of campaign ■ eloqiiencc lcfl on their hands that Ihey . would like to warm over, bul the country had n sin l'eit of it wheu it was froeb, and wants DO more. Doubtless, too. Hiere is plenty of legislation that miglil be in-. with profil to the country, bul it 8 valn to expeol tliat this enngress could accomplish it il it triod. It is to be boped, iiierefoie, tliat the honorable gentlemen will address theniselves diligently to current business and nolhiug more, and leave nojfeesion for emiling an extra es 8Ïon. Kd Iliseock is the lie-t dodger -kati-r Aliee Oates comic opera company again to-nigbt. The iivery men would be satisfled with rli ,i ii in rln .i )f SI1OW. üf the cases to be tried at the next term of court, 0 are criminal. Tlie Y. Y. M. s. beid n meeting In the Baptist church last evening. The marriage of a London baoker, and Vieky Woodliull did nol come otr. Kev. Dr. Hammond attended the t-mperaifce prayer meeting iu the red ribbon rooms Tuesday ufternoon. Ifyou didn't go last cight, be sute and takc iu the entertainment to-night. It is immense. Five stoves warm the hall.


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