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New Yorkers Beginning Life Anew In Missouri

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The New ïork Eoenifuj Post says: Substantial beginning is made for :i p.ew colony, which has been forming since January last, by small weekly contributious Erom its members in the purchase of six hundred and eighty acres of land in Southwesi Missouri, in Taney County. on the White River. Two or three families are now moving apon the premisos, having gono VVesl . few weeks go, wiih the ad vanee scouts, Seputies of tho association, who selected tne land. Five or six families are in thia week. These emigrants are all New Ybrkers, of vavious avocations, carpentors, clerks, plumbers, etc The weekly contributions pay for sendir.g onl the families, mul the emigrants take their tarn in ging, aocordlng t the order of their names in the dato of entry as members of the association. The weokly cöntributions vury from twenty-ftve ■ upward. Meinbersnip ineludes the wife, and ohildren ander sixteen years of age. The six hnndred and eighty acres are on the main road for hauung cotton froni the neighboring regions of Arkansas to Springfielil, Missouri, which forty miles distant. The colonista eount upon the teanosters as a market for all the produce they will for the ])rasent bo able to dispose of. Forsylh, the oounty seat, is flve miles distant on the White River, and is the only village witliin fifteen miles. The White EUver is navigable a part of the way. It runs into the Missiisippi a little below Memphis. The land pnrehased is u plateau, twelve hundred fect ftbove the Uvel of the sea, on the Ozark Mountains. It s a fertile spot, in :i nigged if not sterile región. Three ilwellinï houses, with a large orohard, barns and :i a fruit house, are the conveniences airead existing at the tiine of purohase. The six hundred and eighty acres are owned by the whole assooiation, and pan notbesold except byavoteof threefourths of the members. They are organized and have .1 savings-bank aocount ander the name 01 the ITork Farming and Manufacturing Assooiation, whioh account is snbjecl to the order only of three trustees collectively, who by the by-laws are prohibited from drawiog fnnda unless notified in writing of an order f rom the assoctation, to be .ertified by two "f the council. Oontemporaneons with the purchase of the domain and the settlement, the Co-operative Colony Association, of whioh the Vork N the firsl ROlony, starts a newspaper, ilie Industrial Co-on rator, consisting of two octavo leaves, tb be issued on the first day of ev%er month, and sold al live cents each sheet, de Scribing thn plans and progresa of the movcnient. The orest of the association is a pyramid inclosing a bundie of ript! grain. The colony numbers abonl fiity members, who lmld weekly meetings. The plan is to settle the, great farm with a cluster of houses here and there. The soil of "Vork" requises no enriching. The sorplus tand of the producís is to be equally divided between the Yorkers and the capital finid. Thu direction is vested in oiRcfira who are elected ly democratie vote.


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