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A Father Who Melted

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Tuk other eveninga citizenof Detroit beckoned to his 12-year-okl son lo follow him to the woodshed, and when thi'y had arrivecl there he began: "Now, young nian, you have been fighling again! Bow many time-: liave I told you that it N clisgraceful to fight?" "Oh, father, tliis wasn'l about marbles or any thing of the kind,1' replied the boy. "I oarft help it. As a Christian man it is my iltit to bring up my ehildren to tear thp Lord. Take off your coat!" " But, father, the boy 1 was fighting with callad me names." "Can't help it. Calling. namea don't hurt any one. ( ff with that coat !" "Hesajd 1 was the sou of a wirepuller." "What! what's thatP" "And he said you was an officehnnter!" "What! what loafer dared inakethat assertion?" "It made me awful mad, but 1 didn't say any fching. Then he called you a hireling." " Called me a hireling! Why, I'd like to get my hands on him!" puffed the old gent. "Yes, and he said you was :i politica] lickspittle ! " "Land o' graeious! but wouldn't I h'ke to have tlie training of that boy for about five minutes!" wheezed the old man as he hoiiped around. "I put up with that," continued the boy, " and then he said you laid yonr pipes for ollicc and got letï by a largo majority. I eouldn't stand that, father, and so I sailed over the fenee and licked him bald-headed in less'n two minutes! Thrash me if you must, father, but I eouldn't stand it to hear you abused by one of the malignant opposition!" "My son," said ihe father, as he feit for half a dollar with one hand and wiped his eyes with the other, "you may go out and buy you Iwo pounds of candy. The Hible says it is wrong to fight, but the Bible must make allowance for politioal carnpaigns and the rtle slanders of the other party. I only brought you out have, to talk to you. and now you can put on your coat and run along." -


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