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Carne again! rc will soon write 1881. vAttcnd the opera to-night. The telephone wires are up. Thcrc are 88 saloons in tliis city. Splendld flshing in Btrawberry lake. Tuesday was another very cold day. The ice is 18 inches thick in the river. The Dexter schools open ncxt Monday. Ypsilanti is lo have a Chinese laundry. Coincil meeting next Monday evening. Sheriff Wallace has moved into the jail. The county offlcera elect have all been sworn in. C. II. Manly has been prcsented an office chair. "Crappy" Ryan is home from Bancroft on a visit. Mason Long spoke to a full house Sanday night. Company A will electofllcers next Monday evening. Messrs. Hughes and Ward spoke in Saline Sunday. Our merchants have been doing a lively holiday trade Hangsterfer wil! commonce cuttiug ice again next week. M. C. LeBeau wil] leave for Columbus, O., next Monday. Sheriff Wallace will enier upon lus duties next Baturday. A Dexter flrm shipped last week 4,000 pounds of poultry. The red ribbonitea ol Dexter gave a social last evening. Mrs. B. Kellogg, of New York city, is vi8iting Dv. BackuB. The crowd on the ice last Baturday was sitnply immense. Henry Wnnl Beecher is to lecture in Ypsilauli this winter. City Ircasunr has reocived for taxes thus far about $'0,000. John Sweet drevv a meerschautn pipe at Buck'g Christmas night. Post office hou is Saturday: tOtoll a m., and 6:30 to 7:30 r. M. Mr. Rouscup, of the Daily News, i again shoving tlie pencil. Mrs. W. E. Walker is said to be tb best ladyskater in the city. v Alice Oates' coinic opera conipany,drew a good audience last night. Wliat lias become of the fat mans clul organized here a year ago? Ex-Alderman Harry R. II i 11 13 taking it easy in Toledo this week. Register Doty spent Christmas with his wife's people in Homer. The Forest hill ccmetery company elect oftlcers uext Tuesday. Yesterday morning was the coldest weather knowu in lOyears. The bazar and festival given by the Baptist shurch netled $250. Prof. A. J. Volland, of Platteville, Wis., is visiting his parents. Zenus Sweet took two loads of visitors to the coucty house yesterday. Ypsilanti's popular recorder, Mr. Frank Joslin, was in the city Monda}'. Many of the business places were closed, and kept closed Christmas day. Representative Gorman, of Dexter, will Icave for Lansing next Monday. W. E. Walker and wife spent Christmas day with friends in Detroit. Look out for the eclipse of the sun at 7.45 o'clock to-morrow morning. The board of supervisors will meet next Wednesday to finish their work. Manager Green expects to have the telephone line working by Saturday. Dr. Franklin is pending bis vacation with Dr. Flowers, in ColumbUB, Ohio. The turnkey's fees at the jail for the )ast three montlis have been very light. Tuesday niorning at sunrise the thermometer registercd Tdegrees below zero. Proseeuting attorney Emeriek spent Christmas with his parents ia Ypsilanti. County treasurer Pairchild remitted Monday $28,000 of statu tax to Lansiug. The recent cold snap has probably setled the peacb erop, at least iu this localty- Connections will be made with the W . J. T. office aud the central telephone office. A collection of f 50 was taken up at he temperance meeting Sunday afternoon. Lorenzo Davis, superintendent of the oor, will enter upon his duties January 1. There are a uumber of fancy skaters in bis city, bnt Wm. Brinknell carries the janner. Marión Goodale and wiíe, of East Sagiaw. are spending the holidays with their rieuds. Juslice Winegar disposed of ti ve crimnal aud two civil cases before 11 o'clock Ionday. John H. Cropsey, of Dixon, 111., spent Ckristinas with bis brother, Geo. W. Cropsey. The Chinainen presented eath meuaber f tbo pólice forcé with a pound of tea Christmas. Hon. E. D. KinDe wlll domicile at the .laüsing house during the sessiou of the egislature. Tbe Christmas festival at the Presbyerian cliurch Thursdav evening netted bout $100. The annual meeting of the Michigan ress association will be held at Lansing anuary 11. U. T. Foster and family, of Detroit, pent Saturday and Sunday with friends n this city. During the absence of H. R. Ilill, Win. Vatts had charge of the business of the icra house. A Christmas and oyster supper was ïven at the Congregational church Tuesay evening. A telephone is lo be placed in the coun' clerk's office for the accommodation of ie attorneys. Strawberry lake isconsidered by those ho have camped on its banks, a most elightful place. Every new subscriber to The Demo rat will receive a treatise on the horse nd liis diseases. Prof. Alex. Winchell is to lecture in righton on the 7th inst., on "The Lifetime of a World." lïev. Geo. Dikinger. of Wayne, was announced to speak at the Germán M. E. church last evening. The kook and ladder boys kave made great preparations for their annual ball tomorrow evening. Temperance meetings were continued at the Germán M. E. church Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. A committee from the board of supervisors will settle with county treasurer Fairchild to-morrow. Jeff Davis says that china cup and saucer was very acceptablo, bul a china dolí he has no use for. Thellangsterfersjust spread themselves and got up a magnificent supper for the New England society. Daring the stay of Messrs. Hughes and Ward in this 2ity, they were the guests of Mrs. Mary A. Foster. A series of revival meetings are being held at the Baptist church in Manchester, by the revivalist Graves. During ais term of office as coroner, E. J. Johnson only held two inqïiests. Not a very paying office. C. H. Weeks bas taken up his residence in Jackson. He moved his furmture and household goode Monday. The ladies of the Lutheran church have presented the homeopathie hospital with a fine Germán bible. y As will be seen in to-day's paper the price of admission to the opera to-night is only 50, 25, and 10 cents. Offlcers elect of Washtenaw lodge, No. 688, Knights of Honor, of Saline, will be installed next Friday evening. Yesterday was too cold for Tony Schiappacasse, the'peanut vender, to open up, and the corner was deserted. M. J. O'Riley expected to leave last night for Platsmouth, Nebraska, with a view of permancntly locating there. Noble R. Waterman, one of Bay City's live young business men, is spending the holidays with friends in this place. Swathel, Kyer & Peterssn of the city milis, have put in a new and improved fiour packer, at an expense of $200. Wm. E. Beaman, who was in the employ of S. C. Andrews for sometime as alesman, kas located in Alta, Iowa. 'i lie membcrs of the Congregational society in AVcbster give a social this evening at the resideiice of John Backus. Tlie Bliss faraily held their annual reunión Monday evening, at the residenee of Gilberl Bliss on South Main Street Monday erening Mrs. N. f I. Piercc was one of the speakers at the temporalice meeting held in the opera house. The Western Union telegrapli Co. will put in, in a few days, new and improved Instruments in their office on Huron St. On account of the inercasing freight l)us':ness on the T. & A. A. R. R. Saperia] lendent Ashley has put on an extra train. The Lancanshire man is soon to give au entertainment in tlie opera house, consist ing of readings, recitations and vocal music. The Sentinel tliinks Cook, who was convicted of manslaughter in tlie Wash'tenaw circuit court, should serve his full time. Many and varied are the changes that have taken place even in Ann Arbor durng the yeai whiuh is fast drawing to a close. The ;xmological society wiïl moet next Saturday, January lst, at 2 o'clock, in the court house. All are cordially invited to attent!. It WillCOSt jast $19.20 for the round trip frora Arm Arbor to Washington on the occasion of the inauguration of President Garfield. Some Btudents on a "hirk" Christmas night, scared a number of persons on Liberlv slreet nearly out of their vvits by firing revolvers. Hon. O. M. Martin perambulates tlie streets with a gold heuded canc. Il was a Cliristmas present from hls son Benjamin, of Bay City. The opera house taeeting was addressed Fiiday eveDing by Col. Lained, of Detroit, who made an eloquent plea in be jalf of temperance. A wood vender coming lo the city yeserday morning nearly froze to death oear 3rownell's farm in Pittsfielri. He was laken in and cared for. "The present condition of public opinon on the temperance (juestion," was iudge Cheevcr's subject before the Ypsilanti reform club Sunday. Chief Johnson is authority for the statement that during the past year 11 aloon keepers have been arrested by the )olice for defying the Iiw. Capt. Manly has not decided on an ofice yet. He is tilkiug strongly of buildug i flre-proof vault for his valuable ecords, near the court-house. The examination of Walter Dancer, Wm. Covert, and G. W. McMillan, reulted in their discharge. The case was vidently brought through spite. Oíd deacon Boyer, the father of a large 'amily and one of the oldest colored resieuts of the city, was buried Tuesday. le liad been siek for some time. Philip Saddljr and wife, of Barfy ounty, who have been visiting Mr. and Irs. E. Saddler of Pittsfleld, the past few weeks, returned home last Monday. Christmas morning a large coon made ts way iuto W. W. Darby's yard ia the ut-skirts of the city. Darby managed o kill it. lts weight was 25 pounds. The amount of business transacted at ie express office in thi.s city the past 10 ays was simply immense. Nothing lik was ever known in the same length of ïme. The questiou, "How many pouiWs of on have already been used in the ncw ïuseum building?" we are uuable to inwer. Perhaps we will be in the eourse f time. The weather Wednesday morning was ie eoldest known in Ihese parts for some ears, the thermometer ranging f rom 18 o 20 degrees below zero, according to ocalit}'. The weather took a suilden 3hange Monday, and by night it was bitter cold. ?uere was a piercing wind irom the N. V and the boys didn't linger long on ie streel corners. Edward ilogan, for assaulting and batering his wife, will rusticate for 20 days t'the county jail. There is also a secoud omplaint for being drunk and disorderly jending against hiin. Mrs. John Johnson, the last but oue of Scotch family of thal name living on felcli street, died Saturday. She was a ery nice old lady, and was well thought f in this community. Rev. Mr. Belser was presented Christmas eve with a gold headed cane by his unday school class. líe was also the reipient of a hands ame purlor set f rom the adies of his congregation. The arrest of Supervisor Dancer and ie other members of the Lima election )oard, was instigaled through pure CU88dncss by a republican of that townsliip. 'he parties are all democrats. Wm. Madden and Edward Dayton sked the pólice to take them lo jail ast Friday pight as they had no place to tay. Tbey were accommodateJ, and Honday Justiee Winegar et them go. Wm.jHageus.Patrick Sullivaii and Oeo. ellers, arrested by Pol .cernen Porter and tfillman as disorderlies, pleaded guilty 'hursday and were given 10 minutes to iake the dust of the city froni their eet. Early yesterday morning at P. Winejar's residence it was 10 below zero; at t Israel Hall's, 20; at Simon Price's, 20; t Jas. McMahon's, 18,. and at N. B. Covert's, in the western part of the city, 5 1-2. James Blythmau, who was arrested on ie charge of refusing to support his faniy, pleaded guilty, and was required to ive $400 bail with two sureties, or stand oinmilted to Ionia forthe period of four months. There was quite a gathei ing at the ounty house yesterday, the occasion béng a Christmas tree and distribulion of resents to the paupers. Every year these jeople areremembeied by the charitably nclined. HenryJMatthews.the well known Iluron treet butcher, had one of the fiuest dis)lays last week ever seeu in a meat-maret in this city. The day before Christmas his market was visitcd by hundreds of persons. After the flrst of January, Prosecuting Attorney Whitmau will be asked to commence action against a number of saloon ceepers for the alleged violation of law by keeping tlieir places of business open Christmas day. Every issue of The Demockat conains more reading matter than either of he other papers published in this city. Yes, from five to 10 columns more. You should think of tbis when about subsciib ing for a paper. Adrián Press: Tlie Aun Albor Courler favors E. P. Alien as a dark "hoss" for 1 S. senator. AVell, Allen is "Mare" of Ypsilanti, a "racker" in politics and is a prelty avuilablu black nag. Lethimgallop to the front. It is all vcry well to take up collecüons and brg money for missionary work, but it would be a góod idea fur the charitably inclined to remember that right here i n this cily the hearts of many poor peopie could be made glad. The Adrián Press says Dr. Frolhingham's lecture on the eye was listened to Tiy a largo audience. The doctor is a fine looking gentlemen, a comprehensive speaker and thoroughly posted on t lie subject which he treated. Dr. B. ■). Kendall & Co's. treatise on tlie Jiorse and his diseases, and The Democrat for one year only $1.50. Now is the time to subscribe fov tlie best local paper in the city. Don't take our word but just make a coniparisou. Mr. PackaTd, of New York city. tbc owner of the Cook hotel property, is in the city on business. The dance will soon commence, for the Jewell's don't propose to give an inch. They have an nrray of couusel and will flght it out if it takes all winter. Geo. Renwick, of New lludson, was given a very pleasant surprise one evening last week. His old friends of Northfield nul Whitmore Lake to the number of 84 met at his residence, and dancing was ept up all night. Tlie Whitmore Lake band furnished the music. The following are the offlcerselecled by the New England society for the .ensuing vear: President, Prof. C. K. Adamsjvicejresident, Theo. Taylor; recording socreary, A. W. Iliuniiton; ■ corresponding secretary, Prof. Chas. Greene; treasurer, A. L. Noble; executive committee, Profs, )lney and Dunster and Judge Page. Fred Sipflej', wlio left this city some weeks ago for the northern part of the state, has linally located in Nirvana, and settled down to business. He has purchased a Mr. Pratt's interest in the firm of Wall & Pratt. May success altend ïim is the best wish of The Demochat We wonder if some of the science of lic university might not be rendered jractical in the construction of furnaces hat would more perfectly consume the lenco volumes of black smoke daily telching forth from the campus chimïeys. Thus abating a great nuisance, as well as saving a largo per cent, of fuel now vasted. At the meeting of the agricultural society held last week, a protest entered by Mr. Clark, of Pittsñeld, against Messrs. Fislier & Hammond, poultry dealers of this oity, in regard to a oertam lot of fowls entered by F. &H. for competition ac tbc last fair, was nol sustained. Ham mond & Fislier proving conclusively that the fowls were t.heir property at that time. The Knights of Honor, No. 215, electcd the followiug officers: Past dictator, D. Cramer; dictator, Fred Sorg; vice-dictator, I. C. Handy; assistaut dictator, G. W. Cook; chaplain, C. M. Jones; guide, A. V. Brittan; reporter, J. Q. A. Sessions; flnancial reporter, Wm. Arnold; treasurer, L. C. Risdon; guardián, N. S. Garlinghouse; sentinel, Thomas Taylor; medical examiner, John Kapp. E veniug News: The report that the new museum building at Ann Arbor bas fallen down is a groas libel on that ediflce. Only a chunk of the cornice feil off. It is not expected the structure will fall for a year or two yet. And not then unless the iron in the building gives way. For several monlhs now men have been at work bracinguptheweak points and the amount of iron used is simply cnormous for a building of its size. It has been a fat job for laborintr men. Ypsilanti Sentinel: Skating accidents have been common this year. The Monroe Democrat says: "Joe Willet went skating the other da}'. That is what's the matter with his cye. " So we infer that Joe feil on his eye. It also saya: "One of our society belles went skating the other day, aud knocked a hole in tbe ice about the shape and size of the full moon." From which equally we infer that she - didn't fall on lier eye. Adrián Press: The whole matter seems to be uncertain. We await posterior developments. We cannot take bare asseitions as proving anything. Lansiug Journal: The Ann Arbor Democrat correcta a mistake which appeared ín our special news telegrams, Dee. 17, tothe effect that "eight students of the universit}7 had been held to answer to a charge of riot." The location was not given in our dispatcli, but the reputation of Ann Arbor students is such as to tistify the classification of the item under our Michigan head. We ate very glad to learn that the young gentlemen thcie are guilüess in this instance. The Detroit Light Guards is not the only company in the state that has received ui invitation from the powers that be at Washington to altend the inauguration of President Garfield, on the 4th of March next. H. C. Corbin, assistant adjutant general of the U. S. army, has extended an invitation to Company A. The boys should consider it a great honor, and if possible attend the inauguration. Very few companlee in the country are so well drilled or present a bette r appcarance on parade. The state teachers' institute which convened in Lansing Tuesday will close toda}'. Yeste xtay Chas. A. Cook, of Dexter, read a paper on "The proper sphcre of the village high school," Miss Ruth Hopkin, of Ypsilanti, on "Methods in Hlstory," Prof. J. N. Demmon, of the university on "The place of technical grammer ir, the schools of to-day." The following gentlemen from this city will take part in the cxercises this afternoon and evening: Profs. W. II. Payne, Ed. ward Ölney and Judge Coolev. An important preparation for a happy New Year is the adjustment of accountsj A man in debt caunot well be happy, if he be conscientious, without some cffort to meet his obligations. A man should be just before he is generous; he has no right to give away the money that belongs to another. The person whose labor we have used has a right to his pay, and that New Year's cannot be well happy which is enjoyed at another's expense. Accounts should at least be adjusted, and as i'ar as possible all accounts liquidated, that as few obligations as possible may be carried into another 3'ear, and debtor and creditor alike will have a happier New Year. Careless negleet and disregard of this duly is utlerly inconsistent eilher with a true enjoyment or a proper observance of this festival. - Montgomery (111.) Democrat.


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