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Alex.Mali'sfiouriiuirnillat Lapeer b uWeducsdny; loss 25,000, Uwuraace f 15,000. CoDgreesnian Horr lias bwn summ..m-d tome by UM'i'raph, liis daoebter Flora being at tbe poiut of üeatli at East Saginaw. The Michican salt associatiou has Med its articles of aseociation íor a five years's stretch f business. . Amelia C. Sweetof Lawton,.haynK roed CalTin Mafit for hreacli ot prouuse to maiTy her has won her suit, with a verdict of $1,000. Amelia is about 40 and Calvin K. At Lndingtou, Wednesday, Ue Marshall kuse buraed; loss 8,000, insurance 6,000. Aldennan Clark of Coldwater has been beid tor trial on the charge of sedncUon. The Detroit, Lansiug & Northern railroad i, t Reldine was broken into Wednesday S the safe door blovm off, its hing and moCwginK to Station ARent Kf-teton and Jomeof theiiilway compai.y's mouey, ete, was stolen. At the meeting of the board of control of the MJchiiran reform school for errls, held at DeCoU on H.e 22nd,Chas. R. MUler,of Adriamwai httted treasurcr. The biennial report ot the board was revised and orciere.1 primen. nW UUlatiire will be askod for Bomething over tSSSoü e wmpletion of the g8 family by heinselves. The younger and comSS iTely iunocent will be Itept sopamte from ?he olderalid more vioious. 1 ftnstad to the school will remain iwt.l 21 yeara of age, Xwffi outby the board of con rol ïftointendedto buildtwo cottage , ,„ o to the two now in course of construction, ma (o 8Ü11 f urther ealarge the instituUon if good reeulU tollow. The town clerk of Decatur bas raid bomUios M626 woodchuck BCalpe smce Ootoler 1, of which 115 were presentid by George Dclainator- and Decatur isn't out of meat yet. Stephen Ballou, of Macon, went to Tecum whwithaloadof wbeat,sold it for $W), Rot ÏSnk and was robbed. Four men accused of 4ln8 the robbery have been arrested. Twohundred and fifty thousand Petroit river and Lake Superior whitefish eggs fiom Northville, Mich., will be shipped from New Tork to Germany on Saturday. AtKastSaginawthe telephone doe public and lire alarm duty, and the chief pays a nlght derk at the telephone office $600 a year salrr. The"MjBticTen"istbenaine oí a club oí Batüe Crèek girls wbo have vowed not to Sïïk home froro churcl) with young inen who don't walk to church with thein. Horse racing on the ice has opened on the Seginaw river,aud exciting sport resulta thererout. The Bed Ribbon central coraniittee, legislative teuiperaiice society and state womaus clinsBau teuiperauce unión have opened rooms 111 Laiuing ror the use of ïneinberf of the mture and visitare f rom the state at large. 1 hese rooms will be kept open during the session. The annual meeting of the Michigan press asociatiou is to be held at the capítol, Lansing, January 11 at 2 p. m. The brine at the St Louis salt well is said to tw as strong as auy in the state. Austin Charles, of Decatur, has settled with the railroad company from wMcta he recoved Ub injuries for $16,000. líiss Theresa Haley, aged 26, attmpted to cross the railroad track at Hu!son, when re fxom tbe Catholic Christmas services Sho was struck by the engine aud mstantlj killed. Alex. Yassar, aged 60, slipped wliuewainng on the doek at C. D, Nclsou & Co.'s mili, at the mouth of the Muskegon "ver, fel1 mto tLe channel and was drowued. Prof. Heuneqüin, of the university of Mlcbiean, has added to his list of publications of tex books, for use iu the stndy of í'reucli, a little work on French prommciatiou. It is claimed that a substance resembling as bestoí has been fouud near Pinconniuï. A fire at Fenton destroyed f 10,000 wortu o property. Last week Sunday eveninp: a kerosene Chao delier in the Methodist church atNeeaonee Iel and broke. Instantly the wholo sidu of t)i chureb was full of llame, hut those BW promptly pulled up the carpeta and carrf iheiu out before the woodwork cantclit, and no great harm was done beyond a bad scare. Fred. Alwardt, casbier of the Battle Creek city saTicgs bank, was knocked down wilb í ir ooupling pin whüe returning home fron the late at night. An alarm was givei and the .issmilter captured. He gives bis name ai John Ford, of Port Huron. Regular passenger trains are now runnins trom Marquette to Koek River, a distance o 28 miles, on the Detroit, Mackicac & llarquette road. The annual council meeting of the Mlcbl gan Association of Surveyors and Civil tn sineers occurs at Lansing, January 11 at 2 p.m A. D. Waddell, Judge Cooley and a numlic of eminent sunreyors and eugineers will be present with papers hearing on mooted ques tions of interest to the profession. The boller of a shingle niill at VestalHirg ex ploded, killing instautly Frank Filkin?, the en gineer, and F. A.Ainslee,nibtwatcliiiiaii, am badly injuring G. W. Wilcox, ML Turk and an unknoiv man. The mili was 6hattered to ■toms. Frozeu pipes was the cause.


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