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JayGould has ordered two new Atlantic eables to be made and to be laid uext sviuimer A partlal eclipse of the sun is íoretold íor December 31. Gen. Grant is going to Mexico on interna tional raUroad business. A case of raan-poisoning from the epizootic Is reportad from the village of VirgU, tot The famous Stevens battery, at Hoboken K. J., upon which uiillions have been pent, having reenUj been sold for $55,01)0, is bein, broken up by a Boston firin. A issenget train on the Carolina Centra railroad leil throngh a t rest Ie bridge near Uu coluton, N. C, and dropped 10 feet. Tlie car cauiíbt fire, and Mail Agent David Blooni an J. W. üoodson, a passenger, were bnrned t( duatli. A $10,000 apphire, taken from a Georgia mine iu wliicb other valuable stoues have beei iouud, was exhibited on 'ehauie at Cinclnnau Judge l.evi Parsons has given 50,000 for the benefit of the studeuts ol Luion college. Payne'sband utill lingera at Caldwell, Ks. inucli depleted, however, in numbers, as the larger portion of tuein have "goue houia fo Christuias." The work of retaking a portion of the Soutl Carolina census has beun couipleted, and show in the districts visited a larer populatiou than tbat ehowu by last sunmur's figures. The number of bauk checks used in the ü. S. duriiio' the fiscal year euding Juue 3U, lhbO, was 113,521,070. Reporte from all parts of the country state that l'hristmas was generally observed, business being suspended, and religious exercises in the churches largely attended. Electric signáis are to be introduced all along the line of the Erie railroad, the recent experimente having been very saüsfactory. The oensus of Canada is to be taken on the flrst Menday in April uext A heavy snow-storm is ivported at the east and south-cast At Ualtimore there was a foot of s,now, tli heaviest fall in tbree years. lu Delaware and New Jersey the gale and BOOW conibiued made the most teven storm of tlie leason. A schoouer witli eight men on board. ■was lost ott tlie Marj land coast. Tlie conseieuce fund bas been credüed witli $27 sent Secretary Slierman liy souie unkuowu couscieuce-stnckeu persuu in New ïork. Dr. E. H. Chapin, tbc leading wniversalist preacher ol tbis conntry, who has been ill for several moutlis, has just died at liis resiüeuce In New York, in tlie titiüi year ol his age. Vermont's population nflicially declarou by the ceusus bureau i 882ÖÖ- malea 188,888, females l(ia,39&; white 11,243, colored 1,048, lncludiug 0 luiliaus and 5 half-breeclH. The representaÜTes of the Üklahaina colonIats failed to cbange the policy ol' tho adnnnlstratiou. They (Uimed that, uuder the treaty of lbüti the üuiled States obtained the title n fe simple to luuds iu the Indiau territory west of the 'J7th parallel, and that uoh portion or these lauds as are uow nnoccupled are subject to pre-emption and entry as public domain. Of Buch lands ihere are 1 l,iwU,000 acres. Tlie giivenimeut uuiintains that by the treaty of 18ÜÖ tti üuiteil SUites only aoquireu a trust ütl iu those lands, the trust specifyinu' thal tbe luDds were eonreyed ïur the piirpose of locatiug otlicr Iudiaus, or treedmen, or both, upou theui, aud Uiut tlie lanils are nut public doinaiu, aud caimot be diverted trom tlie uses specüied iu tlie trust. The attorney m sustaiiis tliis view. The colonial, 11 theyrenew tlii'ir atiuuipte to enter tin; tarritory, will be tie&ted as trespassers, uiider the uitercourse act of Ife36. Tlie Soutb. Carolina anti-dueliiii; law which has just passed the legislature of that state proTúJes tliat to send or accept a challenge disfraachisee and ilis(iualiiies froni holdlOB office tlie pvrsou seuciiiiíí or ucceptiug, aud is iurther puuisliable by Impiiaonment iu the peuitentiaiy not to exceea two years. To particípate even as a secoud in a duel iu whieu a person is ki)ld is puuishalile as morder. Tbe Utes were paid tbeir money the olber 4ay- f 27 ia eilvw .tor eacb. Indian, papoose uiw. Soon after the Iatóns were pald ut aponRtirting tlit ütes to hostillty, came Intoramp witli the body of Johnson, who was killed bj ,i.n. Á scène cf wild excltement tollowei. Next morntnc the Indiana appeurcd In :ir paüit, Hii'ii ' naed mul striped wiUi heavy olack marks, which oieaua in [ndlau Bnglish, "Tighl blo d, kill heap anlcf Chief . maro rai.l to Meacharo, "We wni to talk." Méacbaiu was scarrd and would i:u talk without the ther wUtès ;i; witnesst-s. mferttoe ■was arranged. s. ■ aro s-.iui he understood now vhat they li 'l tnoney they wtre lo be moved to uew I "Indlán no leave valby; while man hftve mouatains, dl({ out gold mu! sitrer; ti keep val!ey6." The whlten all left the ajfency for penonal safety. Chicago deaten In buttertoe. oleomargMlne, etc, are now reqalredbs ordinanoetu Btanui tlieir producís wltb the ome name of Owing to the Injuries recelved by Mack Wooeter, of the Dowaglac Tunes, (d a receat smash-up on the Mirlmrnn Central railroad, publicaron r the Times will be Butpended tor time ntter tliis week's issue. Tbe office will probabiy remain open tor job work. Fortheyear endlng November,' 1880. tliere wcro 1,012 railroad ai'cidcuts. :iül persons 1. I ed, 1,103 lajured, against '.KU ac-ciilenls, 188 and KW injuries for the same period of Acolllslon oconrred near Tiilïn, Ohto, on tbe Clnclunaü, Saudusky and Cleveland railriuui betweOD a pa Büger train ;oin!,' uortli aml a trelght train Roing soutli. The two enginea irore wrectedand tbe mail, ex■ cai-s were throwii totrctlior and burned, coDBnmlng the mail aml expresa matter. Tbe was uearly all aved. Wm. Woodlierry, the firenianon the pasaenget train, was killed OUtrigbt. He bad been recently married, and bis wifeWaa aboard toe train. Eobext Hojlor, encineerof the passenger train, was seriously injured. T. (i. I eipress messeneer, had bis rightleg broken. A. Stewart, mail aent, was seriously injured in tbe hack. No passenger wer hurt except one lady wliose was sligUtly cut liy 1i k-,i „'lass. TIn' engiueor of the freight train is "nissiug. It is said tliat he vas drunk aud was tianlng against orders. A rand hotel is to be built at Washington


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